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    Does Drinking Water Get Rid of Acne Fast?

    A friend, who was suffering from acute acne and was keeping absent from the classes, asked me the other day, “Does drinking water get rid of acne?” She told me that she is drinking a lot of water these days and was hopeful about getting a relief soon. My answer made her happy and gave her some hope. I told her that drinking a lot of water may help gradually improve the situation and may give relief from acne and related inflammation, although it is not the exact cure for acne. In fact, there is not absolute cure for it at all.

    Then how does drinking water get rid of acne? We all know importance of water in the body. Out of the innumerable essential roles it plays in the body, here are few which concern acne and help get rid of it. Water is a natural detoxifier and is the most effective one. It helps remove toxins from the body. These toxins include certain hormones which trigger acne by increasing sebum production from the sebaceous glands present just below the skin. The actual function of this sebum is to keep the skin moist and prevent its cracking. But the problem occurs when the mouth of these glands, opening in skin pores, are blocked with dust and dead skin mixed with sebum.

    The sebum cannot escape gets accumulated below the skin, causing red, painful and inflammatory heads called acne. Situation is aggravated when acne gets infected by bacteria. Sebum production is otherwise natural and normal but is increased in teens due to these hormones. Water takes these hormones away from body with urine and sweat. The more you drink water, the more you urinate and sweat more toxins are removed from the body. Water promotes perspiration which opens the mouth of these sebaceous glands as well as helps remove the blockages thereby helping cure acne again. Some fats are also lost with urine, promoting the healing further. Water also helps clear bowels which indirectly gives relief from acne.

    If somebody asks you now, “Does drinking water get rid of acne?” Answer with full confidence, “Yes! It does help.”

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