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    Milk Cause Acne

    Does Milk Cause Acne?

    Waking up to acne free clear skin would be a great way to start the day. The trouble that many people have is that they just don’t know enough about the different things that can cause acne. Everyone is different and everyone has a different reaction to foods, treatment and so on. That means you need to start testing what does and doesn’t affect you. It’s not difficult … it may take some time, but it’s not difficult. In this article I going to address the question, “Does milk cause acne”?

    When we think of milk, we think of building strong bones not causing bad skin and acne! So how does milk cause acne for some?

    Researchers put it down to the hormones in the milk. Dairy cows are constantly pregnant and being milked at the same time. Think about the hormone changes in a human when she’s pregnant. The cow will have a surge in hormones too. Not only will their be hormones to help the calf grow but also the hormones produced by the placenta.People may think that drinking organic milk is a solution but the cows are still being milked when pregnant so they have the same hormones in their milk as non-organic cows.

    Of course, people react differently to hormone exposure. The development of acne is partly genetic and partly the result of hormone exposure. People suggest that completely eliminating dairy from your diet can compromise nutrient intake. However, if you test it for a period and find it is a cause of your acne you can cut down on your dairy intake rather than cutting it out completely.

    So, does milk cause acne? Well, milk is just one factor that could be causing your acne but it could be a number of issues working together.

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