Eating Fruit and Drinking Fruit Juice and Cancer Research
by Joanna Verdan
disease of lifestyle, environment, and culture, and not a condition caused by a genetic
factor, microbe or germ.

Almost every cancer research organization in the world is supportive of the
consumption of fruit for cancer patients and as effective cancer prevention. Every
day you can read articles about published studies that discovered yet another health
benefit of this or that fruit.

Many companies on the fruit bandwagon, making supplements made from fruits and
however many of these companies are just out for your money. One example is the
recent health supplement craze, the Acai berry fruit. While no doubt acai berries in
their raw, ripe state are an excellent food choice, rich in antioxidants and other
nutrients, but so are blackberries, raspberries, cherries, oranges, cranberries and
other fruits. The truth is no health supplement can compete with fresh fruits and
vegetables and their juice.

While there are some misguided individuals trying to warn us that fruit is detrimental
to cancer patients, sound scientific studies do not support those statements. Since
cancer has been associated with an acid condition in the body, these individuals
mistakenly assume that the sugar in fruits, and especially the acid in "acid fruits,"
such as oranges and grapefruits, will acidify the body. However, the chemistry of
digestion demonstrates that this is not so. It is the mineral content of a food that is
the main determining factor as to whether the food produces an alkaline or an acid
reaction in the body. Since alkaline minerals predominate in all fruits, including acid
fruits, they have an alkalizing effect upon the body.

Laboratory researches have demonstrated that when cells in a petri-dish are
submerged in an appropriate nutritive environment and the toxic waste products of
their metabolisms are efficiently removed, healthy cells result. To date, it has not
been possible to cause cancer in these healthy cells, no matter what carcinogens
they are briefly exposed to. While fruits may not be as alkalizing as greens, their
reputation as acidifying foods - that is not recommended for cancer - is completely

At least 70% or more of your nutrition should come from fresh fruits and vegetables
eaten in their RAW state. Juicing is a great way to easily add more vegetables to
your diet - especially the green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, lettuce,
cabbage, parsley, celery, and other that are essential to our well being. We must also
limit consumption of acid-forming foods like cooked proteins, heated oils, fried foods,
processed foods. We cannot expect to be healthy and cancer-free if we regularly
consume unhealthy foods, even if we also eat large quantities of fruit and greens.

About The Author

Joanna Verdan

The author discovered first-hand the advantages of consuming freshly made juice
when she started to experiment with
prepared with her own
Breville juicer to improve health and lose weight. We all can achieve many health
benefits of juicing by drinking green juices and smoothies prepared according to the
delicious recipes on the author's site, such as
It's a fact: eating fresh fruits and
vegetables and juicing them is an
essential component of good health.
It's best, when at least 70% or more
of your nutrition comes from fresh
fruits and vegetables in their RAW,
unprocessed state; and drinking
juices prepared with your own juicer
is a great way to add more fruits and
veggies to your diet.

Millions of dollars are spent on cancer
research each year. And yet our "war
on cancer" has brought us no closer
to finding a cure that we were fifty
years ago. Cancer is proving to be a
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