Elderberries Benefit Night Vision and More
by Joy Mary
used in recipes, extracts, and syrups. The American Elder, also popular, is said to be
slightly sweeter. It is found most anywhere east of the Rockies. Some species have
life spans between 80 and 100 years.

For centuries, elderberries have been used in folk medicine for a variety of ills,
including arthritis, asthma, constipation, and as a cure for the common cold. In 400
B.C., Hippocrates referred to the elderberry as his "medicine chest."

Elderberries contain potassium and large amounts of vitamin C, and have been
proven in quite a few recent studies to strengthen the immune system.

Elderberries are also a great source of anthocyanins, containing three times as much
as carotenoids. These are powerful antioxidants that protect cells from damage
caused by environmental toxins, poor diet, and stress. They also reduce the
damaging effects of bad cholesterol and discourage platelets from sticking to blood
vessel walls, thus reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

Elderberries actually enhance night vision because they make rhodopsin or visual
purple in the eyes. This helps in seeing in reduced lighting. It also helps in dealing with
stress according to recent studies.

The white flowers of the elderberry bush may be pressed into tonics, lightly battered
and fried into fritters, or stirred into muffin or sponge cake mix for a light, sweet
flavor. Elderberry may be purchased either as a juice or juice ingredient, and as a
dietary supplement. Suggested dosage is 400 mg of a 6 percent anthocyanin extract

The ripe berries, cleaned and cooked, can be made into many things: extracts,
syrups, pies, jams, or used as garnish, dye, or flavoring. Some eat them uncooked
but they do contain toxins and it is better to be safe by washing and cooking them
before eating. Also, elderberries are bitter and need sweetener to be palatable. Many
like to cook them with other fruit like apples or pears to sweeten them. The tiny
seeds in the berry leave a gritty taste, even after cooking, but the seeds are safe.

The red-berried elder contains toxins and is best avoided. Stick with blue, black, or
dark purple elderberries, and leave the reds alone. And remember, the leaves, twigs,
stems, roots, and unripe berries of all elderberry plants are not edible, and contain
toxins that can make a person quite sick.

About The Author

Joy Mary

There are many ways you can enjoy the power of elderberries. The important thing
is to make sure the form in which you
will give you all the benefits it
offers. One of the best ways to guarantee you are getting full advantage is by
purchasing whole
. The whole berry contains everything the elderberry
has to offer!
Elderberries are small, dark berries
that grow in clusters on elder trees
(also called elderberry bushes). The
European Elder is found in temperate
climates across Europe and North
America. It is a hardy plant often
growing in the moist soil along
roadsides and streams.

Elderberry bushes are fast-growing
and have compound leaves and
tightly clustered bunches of tiny white
flowers in late spring, followed by
clusters of berries in late summer.
The European elderberries are black
to dark blue, and are most frequently
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