Essiac For Skin Problems: Part of an interview with Dr. Marijah McCain
about the many benefits of Essiac Tea
by Lanny Messinger   
Dr. McCain:  “The very first call I got was from a chiropractor who had a patient that
had psoriasis for eight years.  And she just put the patient on it because she just decided
she’d give it a shot and it cleared up the psoriasis.  They had never been able to clear up
the psoriasis in eight years.  So the first testimonials were not cancer testimonials.  The
first testimonials were actually skin problem testimonials, which was really remarkable.  
The first cancer testimonial I had was from a man in Arkansas and he had terminal lung
cancer.  One of my students had given him the tea to try and it had cured his lung
cancer and he had done nothing else.  There was no other supplements taken—nothing
else—all he did was take the tea.  And I thought:  Oh, my Goodness, we’re seriously on
to something here.  So then in the next newsletter, with about six or seven testimonials
that I had in hand from my students, I said okay I’m going to offer this.  I’m not going
to make any claims on it, but if you guys want to try it here it is, and it just went
berserk.  We sent out testimonial sheets for about the first five years every time we sent
out the tea.  I have testimonial sheets that would fill a closet on this tea.  It was really
shocking to me because it wasn’t just the cancer and I couldn’t understand how come
we were getting so many different testimonials.  We had one lady call in.  She had these
awful white patches all over her skin and she took the tea and the white patches turned
hard and they all peeled off and her skin went back to normal.  Which was really
remarkable because she had that for years and years.  We had another elderly person
who had lost all their hair.  They took the tea, the hair grew back, but not only did the
hair grow back, the hair grew back brown.  When they lost their hair, it was gray.  

“These testimonials were blowing my mind because I was trying to figure out what in
the world this tea was doing in order to have such broad-based positive health effects on
so many different things.  So I started to investigate, seriously, the burdock root—see
what was in it.  Everybody reported better energy when they took the tea.  Well, come
to find out burdock root is very high in iron, in natural iron that is easily assimilable in
the body.  So that was good.  It was a blood builder, but the primary function of it is
that it is a liver cleanser. The liver, of course, filters the blood system and when it’s
toxic, the immune system starts to fail.  This is what was so profound about this tea
because as soon as you started to cleanse the liver the immune system would kick in and
it would pretty much fix whatever the problem was in the person.  That’s what I found
so mind-boggling about this tea.  It wasn’t just for cancer; it’s our number one formula
now that we use for any kind of skin ailment, hives, psoriasis, especially acne.  It works
wonders with acne because the skin is the last eliminatory organ.  So when the liver is
toxic, the poisons start coming out the skin.  As soon as you detox the liver, the skin
goes back to normal.  I’ve got years and years of experience with this.  It’s just mind-
About The Author

Lanny Messinger and Sovereigns' Health Freedom Network provide information on
health and freedom issues.  To read more articles regarding Essiac tea, please visit  
.  One of the purposes of the web site is to introduce
people to herbal medicine and to provide unbiased, accurate information regarding the
cancer herbs in the herbal remedy known as Essiac tea.
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