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    The Fast Metabolism Diet Plan Rules and Guidelines

    The Fast Metabolism Diet Review – Diet Plan and Food Lists

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    The 21st century has brought forward a wave of numerous weight loss regimens that promise instant weight loss results. With these new techniques and technologies cropping up, it is becoming harder to distinguish what actually works from the mere unproven theories. Everyone wants to sit behind a computer and tell people how to lose weight without any knowledge or the slightest regard to safety.

    It is imperative to do your due diligence before attempting a regimen that could lead to more complications than the weight you were trying to shed. The internet is full of resources with good reviews from real people and has enough information to help you settle for the right regimen that will actually work towards helping you shed off some weight.

    One regimen that has managed to gain prominence over the years since it was created is The Fast Metabolism Diet. The diet was brought to life by a well-known Hollywood nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy who emerged determined to provide people with weight loss solutions that actually work.

    Through her book; The Fast Metabolism Diet, Haylie Pomroy provided insight on how you can still eat as much as you want but still be able to lose a considerable amount of weight provided you eat the right food at the right time. The key is to basically learn about how metabolism works and understand that each type of food has its distinct benefits. The diet has gained popularity among many fitness gurus and various celebrities as well due to its ability to deliver just what it says.

    To understand the concept behind the Fast Metabolism diet, it is essential to grasp the process that leads up to the metabolism of the different kind of foods and its relation to the Fast Metabolism Diet.

    What Is Metabolism?

    Metabolism is the process in which the body converts food to energy building blocks that helps the body run critical processes. Once the food is ingested, the body goes through various stages that eventually break down organic compounds to produce energy and heat.

    The metabolic process is important due to the fact that the molecules factor into the building of compounds that help in growth and repair of tissues in the body. Essentially, if your body is able to break down these components fast, the body will absorb these nutrients and transform them into energy and heat. If you have a slow metabolic rate, the body stores these components which lead to the accumulation of fat instead of the development of muscles.

    An In-depth Glance into the Fast Metabolism Diet

    The misconception that many people have is that leaving out the foods that have a high-calorie count from their diet will automatically make them lose weight. By doing this, you trigger the body to enter into a defensive mode thinking it is being starved. The result of this is the body will end up hoarding fat to sustain it through this perceived starvation period.

    Taking up the Fast Metabolism diet means that the body will get rid of this habit and you will concentrate on eating the right food that will boost your metabolic rate.

    The Fast Metabolism Diet takes the body through three phases. The first phase helps the body to get out of the starvation stage. This means that the body will stop storing the food that is supposed to be digested which substantially eliminates the accumulation of fat.

    The second phase takes up the previously stored fat and transforms it into energy and heat while the final phase, keeps the process going and ensures the body does not go back to its emergency starvation state.

    The diet is designed to provide the body with the vitamins and nutrients that it needs through a selection of prescribed meals. The diet is generally optimized for people who are not proponents of working out. Regardless of this, Haylie Pomroy advocated for working out up to three times a week so that you are able to get the most out of the Fast Metabolism Diet.

    The Fast Metabolism Diet Plan Rules and Guidelines

    The diet plan can be accessed through the iPhone application or by actually reading the book. Before starting the Fast metabolism diet plan, ensure that you have all the necessary items to avoid the possibility of slacking off. You also have to stick to the prescribed rules so that the diet can be effective. Some of the basic rules to guide you through the three stages include;

    • The author of the book recommends that you should start the diet on any given Monday. This is advised so that the weekend coincides with the third phase which has a more flexible choice of meals.
    • Remember, the concept behind the Fast Metabolism Diet Plan is to increase your uptake of various foods to boost your metabolic rate ultimately. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight, you are going to be eating more food to achieve this. With your ideal weight in mind, the portion rule for all the phases is that for every 20 pounds that are to be lost, the meal portions should be near that figure as well.
    • For instance, if you were looking to lose 20 pounds, the portion size should be x1. If you add 20 more pounds and say you are looking to lose 40 pounds, your portions should be 1 1/2. Also note that for anyone who wants to lose over 40 pounds, the vegetable portion should significantly increase as well. Vegetables can be consumed without any restrictions. This should also be the same thing when losing weight; reduce the portions by one-half for every 20 pounds you have lost.
    • During the diet, eliminate caffeine, corn, wheat, fruit juice, soy, dairy, processed sugar, dry fruits, artificial sweeteners and any type of alcohol from your diet. These kinds of meals slow down your metabolism rate rapidly.

    Haylie Pomroy also encourages people to try and consume organic food only. It is important to eliminate any food products that have preservatives and any other type of artificial additives when going through the diet. This will help in enhancing the liver’s fat burning process. However, note that this does not mean that your diet should dynamically change to organic based foods only.

    Some people are known to hide behind the organic labels to eat unhealthy meals. Ensure that your organic meal of choice is packed with nutrients and vitamins that will help you in your weight loss journey.

    Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 1 Food List

    As discussed earlier, it is important to consider starting the first phase on a Monday. This lets you get into the weekend on phase three which has more liberal options in terms of meal choice. Considering you start the diet on Monday, that day and Tuesday should be dedicated to consuming carbs and high glycemic proteins.

    Remember, this is the stage which the body is taken out of its starvation stage where it stores up fat instead of burning it up. You should eat five times a day and include two snacks as well. The Foods that you can eat during the first phase include;

    • Eat complex carbs at this stage. For breakfast, you can have a fruit and some grain based meal, not more than thirty minutes after you have woken up. Keep note that your body should never go more than four hours without a meal.
    • For lunch, consume some proteins, vegetables or fruit. Be consistent with the snacks, taking them after every two hours.
    • Dinner can have you going for grain, vegetable or protein. Mix up some fruits and other forms of healthy meals to your diet. Ensure that you keep away from all kinds of fat. Let’s have in mind that we want to lose the weight, not to help the body in accumulating some more.

    Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 2 Food List

    The body is now out of the state of panic and starvation; now it can move on to the fat burning stage. Over the period where your body was storing up fat, the fat accumulated and was not being used as for any of the body’s processes. The next two days should be used to consume vegetables and proteins. These kinds of food are essential in boosting the fat burning process. The accumulated fat will be used to run the body’s processes.

    In this phase, you are required to consume a lot of proteins. Your diet outline for this phase should contain a lot of proteins and vegetables. Also, for each phase, remember to hydrate and drink half your bodyweight in ounces daily.

    • Your main meals should consist of high proteins and two snacks taken every three hours from your last meal. When you wake up, have a protein based breakfast and some vegetables.
    • The rest of the day’s meals should basically revolve around proteins and vegetables. Go for; lean meats and protein based vegetables like beans and other legumes. Remember this is the phase whereby all the fat that was stored gets to be burned up. Proteins work significantly in tandem with the vegetables to keep your energy up and also eliminate the possibility of straining your adrenals.

    Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3 Food List

    The third phase which many people live for is the most liberal phase in the diet. The food options increase and the main aim of this phase it to just continue burning up the fat that the body consumes on a daily basis. On Friday and Sunday, your metabolic rate is at its peak, and you are allowed to indulge in a few more healthy food items on the list.

    • The third phase also requires you to consume five meals daily, i.e., three meals and two snacks. This stage is optimized for urging the body to continue ‘unleashing the burn.’ Be sure to adhere to the portions whether you want to lose less or more than 40 pounds.
    • For your breakfast, you can have a mandatory breakfast serving, some healthy fats and a protein of your choice. Always have your breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. This is due to the fact that the body’s metabolic rate is at a high during those hours.
    • At this phase, all your snacks should be fat or protein based with a vegetable serving on the side. This should always be consumed within three hours of the last meal.
    • For lunch and dinner stick to a healthy fat based meal with the inclusion of avocados, nuts and the likes. This can also be substituted by a protein. Include some grains and starch like oats, quinoa, bagels, and bread. Finish off your meals with a fresh or a frozen fruit that has minimal sugar levels.
    • Keep the water flowing! Always stick to half of your bodyweight in ounces daily. This phase requires a lot of water intake; you can increase this significantly so that your body is not dehydrated at any one point.


    The Fast Metabolism Diet has many health benefits that help you to improve your quality of life generally. It also potentially reduces the possibility of getting diseases like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, and obesity among others.

    It is a simple diet that just requires you to have discipline, and this will reward you with your desired weight goal after the 28-day cycle. If you will not have managed to reach your target goals, you can always go through the 28-day cycle again while observing the recommended protein servings. Also, stick to realistic goals that can actually be achieved in the time that you have set for yourself.Be sure to go organic when you can, as the processed foods are serial metabolism killers. If you have to work out, always have a meal 30 minutes before your sessions. The Fat Metabolism Diet will only work if you adhere to every rule and guideline that has been laid out in the book. Follow through each one to get the best out of the experience and even incorporate it to become part of your lifestyle for maximum health benefits.​

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