Fast Weight Loss on a Raw Food Diet! - Does it Really Work?
by Khoj Kaizar Badami
Low Calories & Related Effects: Raw foods are very low in calories relative to their
size. This means, that you can eat a whole bunch of raw fruits and vegetables and
you would feel rather full & you still would not end up consuming a lot of calories.
This itself should keep a good control over the number of calories you consume &
help weight.

If you compare this to the type of mistakes people make, trying to follow other
diets, you can see how beneficial a raw food diet can be. For Example: People trying
to follow other diets end up starving themselves and always seem to be fighting their
hunger and temptations. They are more likely to binge and eat "just one brownie"
and in-effect undo all the hard work they have done, dieting and exercising, over the
last few days. And, this happens very often!

So, you see that following a raw-food diet, you will not be in a constant state of
hunger which will be a whole lot better for your weight loss goals and your mind! You
could easily restrict your calorie intake to 1200 calories (if you are a woman) or
1800 calories (if you are a man) and not drive yourself mad starving! This is the
main reason fast weight loss on raw food diet is possible. But there is one other
important reason.

Digestive Enzymes: Raw foods contain a lot of digestive enzymes that
processed/cooked food just do not have. The reason behind this is that fact that,
once food is heated above 118 degrees, the enzymes change their structure and
break down. Because of this, processed or cooked food is not rich in digestive

But, what have digestive enzymes have to do with weight loss?

Well, the following explanation is a bit of an over-simplification. But, basically,
digestive enzymes, help the body to break down the food we eat. If there are plenty
of digestive enzymes, the body breaks down the food into their most basic form.
Once that is done. The body can use the food much more efficiently. If this is not
done, due to lack of digestive enzymes, the body ends up storing most of the food
we eat. And this, leads to obesity! So, you can see the benefit of the enzyme rich
raw food diet.

So, due to these two main reasons, fast weight loss on raw food diet is surely
possible. But, even if that was not the case, there are many health benefits of
consuming raw fruits and vegetables. I am yet to find a study that says that its "bad
for health" to go on a raw food diet. There seem to be no side effects! So, you
should definitely give it a try! But wait, there is more...

About The Author

Khoj Kaizar Badami

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People following a strictly raw food
diet have reported drastic weight loss
results. Some people who have gone
on an only-raw-food diet have
reported weight loss of up to 15
pounds in the first week! In this
article I shall show you how you can
achieve fast weight loss on raw food

Why should a raw food diet possibly
help you lose weight fast?

There are a few reasons that raw
food practitioners point out...
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