Fasting For Detoxification: Risks And Benefits Of Juice
by Irene Krey
liver disorders, skin problems and those concerned with weight management.

Because juice fasting can remove the toxins that's been stuck in your system for
years and years now, plus the unhealthy fatty tissues disabling the nutrients to be
distributed properly, it already has an advantage to your weight loss targets.
Additionally, there have been happy revelations from people who have tried juice fast
said they went over from losing 20 to 100lbs then giving them healthier lifestyle.

So Juice Fasting Works In Two Ways?

Indeed because while it removes toxins inside the body which is also known as
detoxification, it also has the ability to add in more nutrients needed by your body to
repair cells, regenerate them and give you that boost in energy in whatever you do.
As a bonus, because it removes unhealthy fatty tissues, you'll not only go healthier,
you'll also achieve the weight and the shape you've always wanted giving you that
self-confidence for a lifetime.

Considering modification of fruits and getting essential fruit combination to slow the
cleansing process a bit. Also, modified juice fasting is the one recommended for
those suffering from hypoglycemia or diabetes. For example, bananas and avocados
are those recommended as they're slower to digest but maintain a stable sugar level.

Despite the slower cleanse, they're low in calorie content but are easy to digest so
the body can still devote to lighter cleansing. Also, for your juice fast, it's also
recommended to include fresh fruits, raw honey, vegetable broth, herbal teas, and
wheatgrass juice depending on your specific condition. Consumption would be once
every two or three days as it's sufficient enough if using enema kit. Otherwise, if you
choose not to use an enema kit, adding 2 tablespoons of powdered phylum husk per
day will do to help reduce toxins in your colon. Lastly, prune or senna tea can be
both essential as well.

How Much Juice Is Needed Every Juice Fast?

Good thing you can always drink to your heart's content but there are times when
the body needs "more" where it asks you to consume greater amount of juice during
the day. In some cases, the body might need more juice during the start of a juice
fast but as time progresses, the need also diminishes but it still depends on your
bodily systems and its reactions.

Quick tips: It's not likely to drink too much acidic juices in the morning. Vegetable or
melon juices are great to start your day even in large amounts since acidic juices
may cause stomach cramps in some cases. Lastly, continuing on your plenty intake
of water is still a must where 8-12 glasses of water per day is perfect for cleansing.

About The Author

Irene Krey

/ Learn how to cleanse
your body using a 3 day detox. On this
you will find lots of tips and step by step
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What About Protein Deficiency
Versus Juice Fasting?

As said previously, juice fasting can
be as good as eating since you're
literally drinking what the fruits'
contents are and therefore the
protein substances present in them
remain constant. According to further
health conditions, juice fasting is one
of the best ways to transform health
and repair damaged cells in the body
and it's also the reason why there
have been successful cases to treat
diseases such as cancer, high blood
pressure, leukemia, kidney problems,
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