Fight Cancer - Alkaline Ionized Water is the Tool You Need to
Heal Yourself at the Cellular Level  
by Nina Meister
tools to heal itself.

Your body is 70% water which is mostly found in the interstitial fluid that surrounds
your cells and organs. When that fluid is polluted and dirty your cells cannot function
effectively and they get sick. Their signals get mixed up and they chose alternative
methods to function -technically they malfunction and multiply. An unhealthy cell,
excretes unhealthy waste which is toxic to you but gives your cancer cells more food
to live on. The cycle continues until you are ravaged by sick cells behaving badly in
your body.

Your cells need to be bathed in water that helps you detoxify with every drink you
take. Water is your body's most vital substance. Drinking water that can be easily
absorbed by your cells makes this process easier. If you are drinking soda you are
drinking a substance with a pH level near that of stomach acid. Any acidic food, drink
or substance only adds to your problem because acid is what diseased cells feed on.
Most all water other than ionized water is acidic.

It is a well known fact that an oxygen-deprived body lacks the ability to function
properly. Are you providing your cells with the oxygen they need to heal or are you
depriving them so they can steal from other areas of your body and multiply? Ionized
water puts oxygen back into your cells and your blood so they can function properly

Alkaline ionized water starts cleaning you up at the cellular level where your cancer
started by helping you to neutralize the many acids your body produces. During
ionization, the water molecules are reduced in size so that your body can easily
absorb it. This allows you to detoxify and clean up that interstitial fluid that bathes
your cells. Because this water uses your water's alkaline minerals and then comes
into contact with electricity, it receives a negative charge making it alkaline and an
anti-oxidant, both of which are highly beneficial to healing cells.

Once your body's acid alkaline level is balanced you may experience the miracles that
many others have experienced. Cancer doesn't have to beat you down. You can
fight it. Change what you are drinking, add more alkaline foods to your diet and see
the difference it makes!

About The Author

Nina Meister

To learn all about alkaline ionized water and how it can help you beat cancer, visit
Nina at
Be sure to request your free Body Balance
ebook so you can learn all about about the acid alkaline balance and how you can get
started alkalizing right way.
Fighting cancer at the cellular level is
the place to start since it is cancer
cells that are taking over your body.
Alkaline Ionized Water works
naturally at the cellular level to
detoxify, alkalize, hydrate, oxygenate
and anti-oxidize. Even if you have
chosen to treat your cancer with
traditional medical methods, changing
what you drink can make a huge
difference. At this point your body
needs all the help it can get. What is
your health worth?

How alkaline ionized water works at
the cellular level giving your body the
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