Find Out What Happens During ADHD Evaluation
by Puneet Aggarwal
professional who you may come across during your journey of looking for someone
who understands and can help are the Occupational therapists. After a series of
arrangements, your child will eventually be evaluated by these professionals. But do
you know how they evaluate your child? Are you not curious? Well, there are actually
a lot of ways of conducting an ADHD evaluation. At first, the Occupational therapist
may schedule an interview with you and your child. If your child is old enough,
questions may also be directed to your child. The questions during the interview are a
means of the therapist to know your child. Of course, this interview may be
conducted in a clinic, meaning that the child is not in his/her natural environment. This
is why the therapist may ask questions about your child's behavior at home and
his/her relationship with you, his/her friends or with the school teacher. During an
interview with you, the therapist may let the child go on into free play.

Do not be confused. This is not only to keep your child occupied but this is actually
when the therapist starts observing your child. Through free play, the therapist may
see how your child interacts with other people and with the environment, and this is
significant. Apart from these, the therapist may use models or checklists to evaluate
your child. One of these is the delineation model. Using this, the Occupational
therapist will know the client's Occupational profile, safety awareness and judgment
family dynamics, handwriting functions and even executive functions. The
Occupational therapist's goal during the evaluation is to check for your child's
performance skill, and observe to see where the breakdown in the activity happens
and what causes it. Then, they will focus on the cause of the breakdown to help your
child function normally.

Having known this, you may now relax your mind because your child is in good
hands. As you are also allowed to watch while your child is being evaluated, there is
no need to worry about what may happen to your child. Everything that the therapist
does will be explained to you and it will be properly documented.

About The Author

Puneet writes a blog about ADHD and helps ADHD sufferers to find new treatments in
naturopathy and alternative medicine. If you are looking for a well-researched
, you may .
It might really have been frustrating
and depressing when you found out
that your child has ADHD. Well, let us
face it, your child looks normal, your
child looks healthy so how in the
world did he happen to have ADHD.
Having these thoughts, it is likely that
you will undergo denial. However, this
will not long and you will have to
accept the fact that your child really
has ADHD. When you have overcome
these phases, you start asking
questions and looking for
professionals who can help you.

After visiting a doctor, another
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