omega 6, omega 9, potassium, lecithin, magnesium, fiber, zinc and protein in
addition to the omega 3's contained in flax oil. It is a blue flowering plant found in
Canada, whereas fish oil is derived from fish.

When it comes to fish oil vs flax seed oil omega 3's are included in both. The type of
omega 3 in the oils is what varies. Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) is found in flax oil, while
Docosahexanoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) are found in fish. The
ALA in flax seed oil is internally converted to DHA and EPA which is how the benefits
are obtained from it (such as improved memory, reduction in the symptoms of
arthritis etc). However it takes about eleven grams of ALA to get the body to
produce just one gram of DHA and EPA, which means there has to be more flax seed
oil taken than fish oil to get the same benefits. In addition men should be careful as
they do not convert ALA to these fats as easily as women do.

Omega 3 oils have shown to be beneficial when it comes to protecting against heart
disease, cancer and controlling inflammation of the skin that lead to Psoriasis and
Acne. They also aid in relief of arthritis pain, and the performance of brain function.

Pregnant women should not take flax oil, due to the effect it has on hormone levels
and estrogen in the body. The levels of DHA in flax oil are lower than that of fish
based oil. Fish based oil has been shown beneficial during pregnancy for the
prevention of miscarriage, and the baby's development. The fish oils taken during
pregnancy should be as pure as possible.

It has also been shown that pregnant women who took fish oils improved the brain
development and immune systems of their babies.

Both fish oils and flax seed oils have been shown to be beneficial in weight loss, and
relieving the pain associated with arthritis. They are both known to protect against
high blood pressure and to help boost immunity. Numerous health benefits are
shared between the two oils.

Those following a vegetarian diet will prefer flax oil to fish oils. Another consideration
when comparing
is the presence of allergies that can prevent you from
taking them. The intake of omega 3's will be maximized with fish oil supplements.

In summary when you look at the comparison between fish oil vs flax seed oil there
seem to be more advantages to taking the fish based supplement.

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Brendan Greene

For more details of the many huge benefits you can get from taking fish oil
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Brendan Greene is editor of Omega 3 Benefits Guide - Visit us now to learn about the
omega 3 fish oil supplement we personally take and why.
In order to compare fish oil vs flax
seed oil you have to look at the DHA
content, omega 3 content, and any
possible contaminants that may be in
the oils. There are also other things
that you have to consider when it
comes to comparing the two. There
has been controversy over the two
as experts can't manage to agree on
which one is best for you.

Flax oil is not a common part of the
diet because of its odor and
unpleasant taste. It is also a common
ingredient in oil-based paints under
the name of linseed oil. There are
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