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    Flax Seed Flushes Constipation Down the Drain

    Do you often get constipated? If you have been used to spending days or even weeks enduring infrequent bowel movements, hard to pass stool, and the uncomfortably full feeling down the rectum, looks like you are inflicted with a serious digestive condition. In severe cases of constipation, feeding the body with platefuls of fruits and green leafy vegetables to induce the sweeping action of fiber nutrients down the intestines, or perhaps intoxicating the colon with unimaginable volumes of water to soften the stool simply will not be enough to relieve you of this distressing ailment. In fact, what triggers constipation is not limited to deficient fluid intake, or the lack of fiber nutrients for that matter. Aside from poor dietary habits, chronic constipation is caused by underlying systemic woes such as metabolic disorders, allergic reaction to certain food, hormonal imbalance, liver dysfunction, and excessive absorption of calcium among others. Bowel disorders may also be induced by the intake of prescription drugs like antibiotics and medicines that work to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

    So what do most people do in these instances? Probably run to the nearest drugstore to buy over the counter laxatives. That might just provide you temporary relief from your misery and most likely expose your digestive tract to the side effects of diarrhea and extreme flatulence. Moreover, this could be habit-forming in the long run to risk killing good bacteria thriving in the intestine and cause even more digestive troubles.

    There is a healthier alternative to the treatment of chronic constipation that can be derived from the organic compounds of flax seed. At the onset, ground flax seed is a natural laxative containing at least 4 grams of dietary fiber for every 25-gram serving. Of course, it is common knowledge how fiber soothes and coats the intestinal tract to promote bowel movement as well as loosen hard to pass stool lingering with the colon. Furthermore, flax is a good source of essential fatty acids or EFAs particularly Omega 3, which will not only cleanse the digestive system and restore proper bowel functioning, but also regulate other vital systems of the body in order to treat related systemic disorders.

    Ignoring this condition or simply getting by with the discomforts of constipation could likely infect the colon with the harmful toxins present in fecal matter sticking to the large intestines and risk the development of colon cancer. They say that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So whether you are suffering from constipation or not, better feed your body with at least 25 grams of fiber each day. And what better way to nourish your body with dietary fiber than a tasty serving of ground flax seed sprinkled over meals and beverages? It is packed with soluble fiber and EFAs that will keep those digestive engines running while enhancing your overall systemic health as well.

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