Food Allergies and Candida
by Tennille Jordan

This is extremely difficult to manage and I had to find a way to cater to both the
Candida Diet and my children's multiple food allergies. My initial thought was "Is there
anything left for us to eat?" The Candida diet is very limiting in itself but omitting
foods allowed on the diet due to allergy or sensitivity makes sticking to the diet even
more challenging. Although challenging this has become a necessity for many. There
is an established link between food allergies and Candida so I wanted to explore this
a bit.

It is not clear if food allergies contribute to Candida or Candida contribute to food
allergies but many people who have symptoms of candidiasis also have multiple food
allergies and/or sensitivities. Allergies are immune responses to a substance the body
regards as dangerous. So what causes the body to regard harmless foods as
potentially harmful substances? It appears to be linked to the overburdening of the
immune system which is in part caused by candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast
(Candida) in the intestinal system. Candida is innately a benign microorganism which
makes up the microflora of the intestinal system.

Candida works along with "friendly" types of bacteria to remove waste and toxins
from the body. The "friendly" bacteria keep the Candida at harmless levels and
ensure the intestinal system is working efficiently. Unfortunately, due to external
factors such as overuse of antibiotics, which kill the "friendly" bacteria and, an
imbalance is created in the intestinal system. This is when the Candida begins to
become an opportunistic microorganism causing seemingly unrelated health
problems throughout the body. The Candida actually releases toxins which the
immune system tries in vain to fight off. This whole cycle works hand in hand to
create confusion in the body and often allergies and sensitivities to food somehow

The Candida Diet seeks to restore balance to the intestinal system by cutting off the
Candida's food supply. The diet eliminates many foods, especially processed/sugary
ones initially, that feed Candida. If food allergies and sensitivities are identified one
must also refrain from eating those foods. However, as the body heals and the
immune system becomes strong again many foods can be reintroduced. Although it
is difficult to manage both the Candida Diet and multiple food allergies and
sensitivities it can be done. I have created many recipes that cater to both and you
can too.

About The Author

Tennille Jordan

For more information on the
visit Yeast Free Living.
Candidiasis sufferer trying to recover from 15 years of chronic health problems.
Slowly but surely regaining my health by following the Candida Diet and taking
supplements. My mission is to share my knowledge and experience living with and
overcoming candidiasis. I hope to inspire others to find answers and recover from
their own chronic health problems at
I can remember a time when the only
food allergy that I heard about was
peanuts. Maybe this was not reality
but I just don't remember people
being allergic to so many different
types of food. Today I hear about
every kind of allergy imaginable.
Allergies to fruits, wheat, corn, soy,
eggs, chocolate, dairy, tree nuts, beef
and pork just to name just a few.
The top eight allergens are actually
milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish,
shell fish, soy and wheat. I am sad to
say that my two children are allergic
to all of these things in varying
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