Food for Hair Growth
by Michael D. Phillips
The lists of food for hair growth includes almonds, whole wheat, milk, oranges (all
citrus fruits), fish and fish oil, soybeans, chickpeas (legumes) and meats. Almonds
contain high levels of iron, protein and vitamin E, all essential at lowering the
cholesterol levels in your body. Eating almonds is essential especially to those taking
cholesterol reducing medication, which is known to also cause baldness.

Whole wheat grains are a natural supply of iron and silica for your body. Silica
naturally absorbs and retains many minerals and vitamins essential for your body. It
also helps support the growth of fingernails and toenails along with the strands of
your hair.

Milk is essential in that it provides you with iodine. Citrus fruits, including oranges, are
a natural important source of high levels of vitamin C and are directly responsible in
the development of collagen. Collagen is an essential part in the formation of your

Rich in essential fatty acids, protein, vitamin A and vitamin B6, fish and fish oils are
essential to stronger strands of hair, and also provide essential nutrients for your skin
and nails. For an all-natural supply of essential proteins, soybeans also offer you high
levels of iron and vitamin E. Legumes, including chick peas, provide you with high
levels of zinc and vitamin B6. Zinc is an essential part of building strong hair.

Along with consuming food for hair growth, it's important to understand that you can
take all-natural herbal supplements to give you the exact minimum daily requirement
you need for healthy hair. These herbal supplements are generally formulated to
include Saw Palmetto and Biotin for men, and Horsetail Silica and Biotin for women.

By starting a daily routine of taking all-natural herbal supplements you can be assured
you are consuming the correct amount of essential nutrients needed for balancing
your hormones to allow for natural hair restoration and rejuvenation.

Just as important as eating the correct food for hair growth, and taking an all-natural
herbal supplement formulated specifically for hair loss, using an anti-hair loss
shampoo along with a condition or can make dramatic positive improvements in
feeding your hair with essential nutrients. By supplying your scalp with the correct
food for hair growth directly on the scalp you can begin to stimulate new hair growth.

Supplying your body, scalp and hair follicles with a constant supply of nutritious food
for hair growth you can begin to notice signs of hair rejuvenation within just a few

About The Author

Michael D. Phillips

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When searching for specific food for
hair growth, it is important to
understand what nutrients, vitamins
and minerals each food source has in
helping you reverse your hair loss.
Acquiring these essential nutrients is a
natural way to rejuvenate thinning or
missing hair, and can be
accomplished by taking an all-natural
organic approach to combat your
problem. Finding these nutritional
substances in natural foods is a
perfect way of enhancing your hairline
without using chemicals or
prescription medicines with side
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