Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure - What Every High
Blood Pressure Sufferer Should Know
by Cristina Chase
blood vessels walls to relax by sending nerve impulses allowing for blood to flow
easier and others work by flushing out excess sodium and toxins. Many high bp
sufferers end up being dependant on some of the drugs for the rest of their lives
because once they come off them, the rebound can be so dramatic to their health
that many have to be put back on the treatment. If you have been prescribed
medication, do not stop it, but start adding these foods to your diet and within a
short space of time you will see a noticeable reduction in your bp levels.

Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure include:

Magnesium Rich Foods such as green leafy vegetables, soybeans, potatoes,
oatmeal, most nuts in particular almonds and cashews, whole-grain bread, black
eyed peas and halibut are an excellent source of fibre and are very good for
maintaining low bp levels.

Potassium Rich Foods such as tomatoes, spinach, melons, bananas, apricots,
oranges, avocados, prunes, apricots, milk, fish, lima beans and poultry have been
found to lower blood pressure by as much as 20 points.

Calcium rich foods is the third most important nutrient found to lower BP and can be
found in high dosage in the following foods: orange juice, tofu, salmon, broccoli,
spinach, dairy products and cereals. When it comes to dairy products - always opt
for low fat.

Garlic is also a very effective; consuming up to four cloves a garlic daily can lower BP
by as much as 11 points in systolic and up to 5 points in diastolic reading.

Dark chocolate is another great source of food to lower high blood pressure because
of the flavonoids found in it, the more the cocoa it has the more effective it is.

There is supporting evidence in China that green tea can also help lower BP as can
drinking plenty of fresh water. Water helps naturally flush out excess sodium and

Using cayenne pepper in your cooking is a common herb used for treating

You can easily use the above mentioned foods in your every day diet. By eating
properly you can help reverse this condition but it can also help you lose weight.
Reducing weight can be one of the best things to maintain lower blood pressure.
Eating small portions regularly during the day is a great way to eat food healthily and
combat hunger cravings. For your snacks use some for the fruits mentioned above
and dark chocolate. For your breakfast opt for calcium enriched cereal and low fat
milk and fruit. For your lunches and dinner opt for lean poultry meat or omega 3
enriched fish along with a large serving of vegetables and small portion of
carbohydrates such as potatoes especially the whole grain kind (whole grain rice,
bread, pasta). There is supporting evidence to show that eating enough of the above
mentioned foods in the right combination can be as powerful as conventional
medicine for some people.

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About The Author

Cristina Chase
While a lot of people who suffer from
high blood pressure (bp) or
hypertension are initially prescribed
medication to help bring it down,
there are foods that lower high blood
pressure and should be included in
their daily diet. The effect of some of
these foods and drinks can be very
powerful at maintaining low bp levels.
Unlike bp drugs which sometimes can
have a damaging impact on health,
certain foods can help reverse this
condition when consumed regularly.

High Blood Pressure Medication
usually works by either forcing the
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