Foods With Trans Fats - Stay Away!
by Dzung Dao Tien

Check out the list below and avoid all these foods to protect your health:

1. Fast Food: Considered the worst enemy because it contains a shocking amount
of TF. Virtually everything on the fast food menu: French fries, chicken wings, chicken
nuggets, pies, pancakes and grilled meats, etc...has some if not a lot of it. An apple
pie usually has 2 grams. And a medium portion of fries has up to 15 grams!
Remember that only 1-2 grams per day can wreck your heart.

2. Spreads/Margarine: Stick margarine has 2.8 grams per tablespoon! It is the worst
of this category to be eaten. Tub margarine, shortenings and butter have less than 1
gram per tablespoon.

3. Packaged foods: Cake mixes, bread or biscuit mixes all contain a few grams per

4. Packaged Noodles and Soups: Instant noodles or soups.

5. Frozen Food. Frozen cakes, pies, pizzas, waffles, chicken or fish nuggets....all
have trans fat because they are either fried in hydrogenated oil or made with
margarine and shortenings.

6. Baked Goods. Like fast food, commercial baked products are at the top of the list.
Cakes, doughnuts, cookies, pastries are all baked with a lot of margarine and

7. Chips and Crackers. Its crispy texture is created by shortenings, again.

8. Breakfast food: including commercial cereals and snack bars, even in the "healthy"
Stick to natural oat bran or oat meal.

9. Cookies and Candy: Chocolate chip cookies, or milk chocolate bars. Stick to dark
chocolate (more than 75% cocoa) for a healthy snack.

10. Toppings and Dips. Dips, creamers, gravy mixes, and salad dressings

It is impossible to eliminate trans fat completely from your life. However, you need
to make an effort to stay away from ready-made processed foods. Spend more
time buying fresh ingredients and cooking them yourself is always a better choice. It
takes more time, yes, but you save many years of healthy life so it is definitely worth
the effort.

To lose weight and shred the belly fat you need a burning desire and strong
motivation. In addition, the right knowledge of diet and exercise will reduce your time
on trial and errors to bring you the result faster. If you have frequently been fighting
against your procrastination to start working out, confusing with which is the right
diet and training, take your first step by clicking
to find out how you can boost
your result instantly.

About The Author

Dzung Dao Tien is a Master student in Sport Science & Sport Psychology from Lund
University Sweden. He is also a practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Program which helps
training people to achieve peak performance. He has gained several years of working
experiences in helping people realizing and making their fitness goal successful. To
learn more about Dzung, visit his website
Trans fat (TF) has been notorious for
increasing the risk of heart disease by
raising levels of LDL (bad cholesterol),
and lowering levels of HDL (good
cholesterol). Some occurs naturally in
red meats and dairy products. But if
you can get meats and milk from
grass-fed animals, this type of fat is
an exception and actually good for
health. Nevertheless, the majority of
it comes from commercial products
fried and baked with hydrogenated oil
or margarine. This is the type that
you have to avoid by all means
because even 1 gram of artificial TF
per day can be very bad for you.
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