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    Fucoxanthin is Present in Wakame

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    If you’ve ever been to a Japanese steakhouse, you may have tried wakame. Wakame is the type of seaweed used in miso soups. It’s also used in salads. In addition to these uses, it’s also popular in the raw food movement. It contains iodine, niacin, thiamine, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and as it turns out, it holds one other thing that may make wakame and other brown seaweeds much more noteworthy: fucoxanthin.

    A pigment found in brown seaweeds, fucoxanthin is a compound that scientists are researching for its effects on the human body. Initial research has produced interesting if not amazing results.

    Fucoxanthin is sold as a supplement. It can be simply ground, dried seaweed or extracts. The former may also contain high concentrations of the other nutrients in wakame, including iodine, which some people may be sensitive to. If someone is going to use a fucoxanthin supplement, they should check with their doctor and pay attention to the packaging to make sure they’re getting the effective dose of what they want and only the nutrients that will benefit them.

    With that in mind, it’s important to note that fucoxanthin is gaining recognition and may be proclaimed as one of the most exciting supplements of the twenty first century. At the very least, fucoxanthin is worth investigation for the promising research that has been done so far and the continued research that is being directed at this uncommonly mentioned but commonly consumed substance.

    There’s more than one way to get fucoxanthin, to be sure. And there are reasons to eat seaweed, but as concentrates and extracts are developed, it may be better and more convenient to get your fucoxanthin through one of the innovative new products showing up on the market. After all, you can get it through seaweed, but who wants to eat that much miso soup?

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