Ginseng and Ginkgo For ADHD
by Tess Messer
in the brain are at the root of problems in people with ADHD symptoms. This herb
helps ADHD, according to researchers, by correcting brain blood flow. In France
ginkgo is used to treat problems with concentration memory and confusion in
disease entities where they brain's circulatory system is compromised. A study done
this January found that ADHD patients treated with gingko improved in terms of both
inattention and hyperactivity. Gingko is often combined with Ginseng to treat ADHD
and this ADHD herbal treatment may be superior to Gingko alone.

Ginseng is one of the oldest; most used, and most well respected herbs in traditional
Chinese medicine. It is considered an 'adaptogen' which means it supports the body
and makes it stronger and resistant to damage when the body may be affected by
environmental or other conditions that may be harmful. A study performed in 2001
found that 200 mg of American ginseng combined with a 50 mg of ginkgo improved
the symptoms of ADHD. Ginseng for ADHD is available in extract and tea form as is

Two other herbal ADHD remedies are flax seed and coffee/tea. Caffeine is an
adenosine receptor antagonist that âEUR¨improves the symptoms of ADHD by
optimizing brain neurotransmitter function. The optimum dose of caffeine for the
treatment of ADHD is 200 mg.

Flax seed is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have found that people with ADHD
are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids and that supplementing with Omega-3 helps the
symptoms of ADHD. Flax seed is available at all health food stores as either whole
seeds that can be used in baking or blended into smoothies or as an oil that can be
used the same way or made into a salad dressing.

In England the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
recommends that stimulants not be used in very young children or in patients with
symptoms of ADHD that are not severe. These herbal treatments for ADHD are safe,
inexpensive, and readily available and are worth a try if the ADHD symptoms are not
severe or if the patient treated is young.

There are several other herbs that are sold with the claims that the herb helps ADHD
but that in fact, according to extensive research, have not been found to help at all.

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Tess Messer

For more information on Primarily Inattentive ADHD please visit Tess Messer at
. There you will find
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The National Institutes of Health has
a site that is devoted to alternative
medicine. You can find well-done
studies on treating ADHD with herbs
at this site. It is called the National
Center for Complimentary and
Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). At this
site they list the herbs and
supplements that may help ADHD.

Ginkgo shows promise as an herb to
treat ADD. Gingko has been found
helpful in treating the brain circulation
problems, which may be part of the
problem in ADHD. Dr. Daniel Amen
claims that circulatory abnormalities
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