Gluten and Acne - Putting an End to the Affair  
by Trevor Mulholland
chronic case of acne is not so hard to spot. "Gluten intolerance," as a matter of fact,
is a common condition - around 30% of all people are estimated to have gluten
intolerance in some form or another.

Acne, on the other hand, is a very common condition. It often occurs during
adolescence, when a hormone rush triggers a buildup of sebum in the skin's pores,
resulting in the pores clogging and producing skin growths that fall under the category
of "acne." Acne comes in many forms - sometimes it appears as blackheads or
whiteheads, papules (red and tender bumps with no head), and pustules (a pus-filled
bump similar to a whitehead, but with a more prominent white or yellow center;
better known as the garden variety zit), or a combination of all of these. More than
one type of acne may be present in a single area, and this area is almost always the

Acne is a hormonal condition, which means any imbalance in the hormones causes
this condition to occur. Adolescence is not the only time in one's life when acne
frequently occurs; pregnancy is another. The rush of hormones that takes place in
these periods paves the way for the overproduction of sebum, which is the medical
cause of acne. This means that gluten intolerance, or any other kind of food allergy,
cannot cause acne.

However, certain conditions can worsen acne. Stress and an unhealthy diet have
been known to be among the main culprits that aggravate an already existing acne
condition. A clear relationship has been drawn between gluten allergy and acne
outbreaks, so if you are experiencing a severe acne outbreak, try to look at the
foods you eat. Do any of them contain gluten? Or perhaps any other substance that
you may be allergic to?

Allergies don't always have to be severe. In fact, the symptoms of allergy are not
always the same; one person may exhibit a seafood allergy by swelling up in the face
and hands, another person may exclusively experience breathing difficulties, and yet
another person may suffer from a combination of both. Gluten and acne may be
interrelated, so if you've noticed that the foodstuffs that you eat when you
experience severe acne outbreaks contain gluten, doing away with them may well be
the best thing you've ever done for your skin.

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Trevor Mulholland

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Gluten is a protein found in many
foods - specifically rye, oats, barley
and wheat. Gluten and acne may not
seem related, but they may in fact be
having a sordid, destructive affair that
is costing you the health of your skin!

Gluten products bear a remarkable
resemblance to dairy products, in
that they cause digestive disorders
that are signs of a food intolerance. It
is characterized by a painful
inflammation of the gut, as well as
other health problems, including acne.
Seeing it in this vein, the existence of
a relationship between gluten and a
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