Green Tea - A Powerful Source of EGCG
by E. Jean Perrins

In the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a new study from the Mayo Clinic showed that
EGCG reduced the symptoms of cancer patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
(CLL). Patients were treated with varying doses of an EGCG extract.

When health professionals at the Mayo noticed that patients who drank green tea
began showing signs of improvement, they decided to do a study. Researchers
designed a study where 33 CLL sufferers were given varying doses between 400 and
2000 milligrams of EGCG extract twice daily. Patients were able to tolerate high
doses with no side effects. Many of the patients saw regression in their condition to
varying degrees.

EGCG treatment reduced white blood cell count and reduced lymph nod size.
Lymphocyte counts decreased by 20 percent or more in 15 out of 33 patients and
these improvements lasted for two months in 11 of the patients. Twelve of the
participants started the study with swollen lymph nodes and 11 of them experienced
a 50 percent or more reduction is their swelling.

CLL is an incurable, aggressive and often fatal disease. There is currently no approved
treatment to slow, halt or reverse its progression. This latest study shows promise
that EGCG could be a no-side-effect treatment for leukemia and other forms of

In addition to being an awesome cancer fighter, EGCG is known to lower LDL
unhealthy cholesterol. It also contributes to lowered heart attack and stroke risk by
reducing causative blood clots. Studies show that regular use of EGCG prevents
heart disease. It regulates blood glucose which is helpful for diabetics. Studies show
protection for the liver from toxic substances like alcohol and it may even help with
viral hepatitis.

Research also shows that this powerful antioxidant is at least 100 times more
effective than Vitamin C in preventing oxidative damage in cells and DNA. It has also
been found to be 25 times more effective than Vitamin E at reducing oxidative
stress. Long term use is linked to reductions in heart disease, cancer and other age
related or life threatening illness, in addition to increasing metabolism and burning fat.

Green tea is the number one source of EGCG but it and other glyconutrients can be
found in fungi, saps, gums, seaweed, aloe vera, seeds, grains, Echinacea, fruits and

A cup of green tea has about 100 mg of EGCG. If you substitute your current hot
drink with green tea, you are going a long way in preventing cancers, heart disease
and other age related and life threatening illnesses.

About The Author

Jean Perrins is a former nurse and admitted health nut who writes health articles for
a number of on-line and off-line sources. As an avid researcher, she knows how to
squeeze every ounce of health in a body. To access more of Jean's articles, go to
Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG is
one of the most powerful
antioxidants known. One of the most
delicious sources is green tea. EGCG
has been shown in very promising
studies to slow or even reverse
leukemia symptomology.

Since the 1970's scientists have
known about the cancer fighting
abilities of green tea. In countries that
consume large quantities of green tea
per capita, cancer rates are much
lower than the norm. In a study
published in 2004, researchers found
EGCG could kill leukemia cells.
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