Health Benefits of Bee Pollen and the Liver
by Micheal Thomas

On top of this, it also helps with storing some important minerals and vitamins, and
helping break down and recycle red blood cells.

If the liver doesn't function very well or is infected by disease, your life is certainly at
risk. Some of the health benefits from bee pollen and the liver are closely linked
together. Let us discover the ways of how the pollen from the bee helps us take care
of this important body organ.

Liver problems are caused by a variety of conditions including viral infections,
bacterial invasion, and chemical or physical changes in the body. The most common
cause of liver damage is malnutrition, especially when it is paired up with alcoholism.
Even if the liver is very resilient in facing liver problems, it is still susceptible in
malfunctioning if the problems insist. There are a lot of liver diseases which include
cirrhosis, a wide variety of hepatitis, fatty liver, and so much more.

Bee pollen and the liver are interrelated when it comes to functionality. The pollen
from the bee maintains and revitalizes the body organs, such as the liver, to be at
their top notch working condition.

The liver also makes sure that it functions well so that we remain in good health. Bee
pollen increases the amount of red blood cells in the body as the liver helps break
down and recycles these red blood cells. This type of pollen is also known for its rich
antioxidant properties just like the liver's detoxifying processes. Liver excretes fatty
substances not needed by the body just like pollen's lecithin content which dissolves
and flushes out fat cells.

The liver excretes bile for proper digestion of our food just like the pollen does for
aiding our digestive system. As you can see, bee pollen and the liver work together
like a team in delivering some healthy benefits for our body.

But that's not all. The most common reason for liver problems is malnutrition, right?
The greatest thing about ingesting bee pollen is the fact that it contains all the vital
nutrients our body needs for survival and for longevity. Your whole system is well
supplied with the needed nutrition of various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino
acids, protein, and even loads of antihistamine properties for your allergies, as well as
antioxidant properties for disease prevention.

Freeze dried pollens are the most favored of all because of its high potency. Heat
dried pollens do not possess the health benefits you're expecting from other pollens
the heat destroys the elements and nutrients found in the pollen from the bee.

Manufacturers of
use a freeze drying process to retain intact pollen
health benefits. Your liver deserves your utmost care. What you can do is take in
freeze dried supplements to keep you and your liver healthy.

About The Author

Micheal Thomas is an editor for a series of health related websites. Learn about the
best fish oil capsules that we ourselves use daily after extensive product comparisons
and research over at
The liver is one of the most important
organs in the body which performs a
lot of functions like filtering the blood
and making bile. Bile is a substance
that helps digest fat and excrete
certain fatty substances. It also helps
in processing and hooking fats to
carriers such as cholesterol, storing
sugars, helping the body transport to
save energy, making important
proteins, such as most of those
involved in blood clotting, as well as
albumin which regulates fluid
transport in the blood and kidneys,
getting rid of toxic substances, and
metabolizing many medications.
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