Health Benefits of Chia Seed
by Gary Eaton
the Aztec diet, as well as for medicinal purposes.

Chia, however, virtually disappeared after the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, as the
invaders forced a new cultural standard upon the native tribes of southern Mexico,
forcing change in what they ate and virtually eliminated the cultivation of the seed. It
didn't disappear completely, however, as isolated tribes continued to utilize the wild
chia growing throughout the area.

Things changed in the early 1980's when health-conscious people heard about this
nutritious seed and went to Mexico to investigate. Eventually, enterprising farmers
decided to start growing and promoting chia as a healthy alternative to other grains.
It has taken time, but chia seed has now taken hold and appears to be the next "big"
healthy food. Because it is a whole food there is no minimum or maximum amount
to eat, and there are no known allergies so it is safe for virtually anyone to eat.

Chia has many health benefits. It is an incredibly nutrient-dense, natural whole food.
High in essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, chia benefits from it's mild
flavor, ease of use and diversity. This mild, nutty flavored seed doesn't have to be
ground in order to release it's highly nutritious benefits. It is also very durable and can
last for months without spoiling thanks to it's incredibly high antioxidant properties.

Some of chia's incredible health benefits include the highest plant-based source of
Omega-3 fatty acids, high antioxidant properties, a great source of calcium, iron,
magnesium and many of essential minerals. Chia is also a complete protein, and it
has incredibly high water absorbing qualities. This high absorption rate, as much as
15-times it's weight, can help in weight loss, as eating or drinking chia gives a
satiated feeling and helps give you a "full" feeling.

There are a lot of suppliers of chia, some better than others. There are two colors of
chia, white and black, and there is a lot of misinformation out there over which is
better. Studies have shown slight differences in nutrient content between the two,
but the difference is more likely due to where the seed is grown, not the color.

Many will claim their chia is superior, but only time will tell. Some will claim their
product is certified organic, but chia is naturally organic in that it doesn't have any
issues with insects, and as such pesticides are not needed. The biggest issue is how
"clean" the product is. Chia can't be washed due to it's absorption qualities, so how it
is handled, sorted and cleaned may be the biggest difference in suppliers. The bottom
line is that whether it is black chia or white chia, this incredible seed provides a great
source of nutrients that can be a big aid in bringing optimal health. Chia alone won't
cure disease or make you lose a lot of weight, but as a part of your daily diet it can
improve your chances of avoiding disease and can certainly aid in weight loss.

Try chia today. It is easy to use, inexpensive and simple to incorporate into your daily
diet. Whether using it in your regular baking or simply adding it to your morning
cereal or yogurt, chia can help you reach your health goals.

About The Author

Gary Eaton is a freelance writer focusing on natural and alternative health. Get the
truth about chia and it's incredible health benefits by reading his blog "The Chia
Revolution" at
The Chia Revolution is upon us. But
what is all this buzz about chia seed?
Why is it becoming the new "magic
bullet" in the natural health market?

Chia has been around for thousands
of years. Technically known as Salvia
Hispanica L., chia is native to Mexico,
Central and South America. The
Aztecs utilized this amazingly
nutritious seed for centuries. It was
so prized in the Aztec culture that it
was even used to pay taxes. Known
as "Indian Running Food" for it's
ability to provide quick energy, chia
was used as a major food source in
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