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    Flax Seeds and Flax Seed Oil

    Health Benefits of Flax Seeds and Flax Seed Oil

    Flax seeds and flax seed oil are popular health supplements that are a rage with health enthusiasts. They are a favorite with vegans and vegetarians who find this vegetal source of Omega-3 fatty acids to be simply amazing. The fact is that everyone can gain good health by adding flax seeds into their diet to receive multifarious health Advantages.

    What with them being an inexpensive health supplement it would certainly be worth while giving it a try. Readily available at local stores and health food outlets it is quite easy to find and buy flax seeds. But any one starting out on them must remember to be moderate in the intake. It has come to light that too much of the supplements could cause negative effects.

    It is best to consult health practitioners as regards the amount to be taken regularly. Also make sure you never take them whole. They have to be ground or taken as oil supplements since the benefits of the grain are derived only when ground before being added to food items. Otherwise they simply pass right out the digestive system.

    And once you start including these seeds in your diet you will experience numerous benefits in time that will include relief from constipation relief, clearing up acne, smooth skin, muscle tone and fat burn. They are certainly good for the heart and blood pressure and are said to also help with depression and arthritis.

    Appearing as a larger version of sesame seeds they are either brown or golden. Many people simply chew it up in its natural form. High in Omega 3 oils not produced by the body on its own, you can buy supplements in the form of oil in gel form. Of course the natural seed form is not only cheaper but wholly natural too.

    You need to drink lots of water when using ground seeds as it soaks up water leading to constipation. Also never heat them as this may cause chemical breakdown in seeds to create carcinogenic by-products. You should just grind the seeds to make into a powder. Eat the powder or add it to smoothies, juices or on cereals. It’s even tasty when sprinkled onto salad.

    Since our bodies do not produce their own Omega 3 fats we need to get it from our diet. Flax seed oil capsules are high in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid which when it passes through the digestive tract in human bodies, breaks down existing cholesterol and deposits a thin barrier to prevent its reformation. Some other benefits of the amazing food item include:

    • Source of fiber that acts as a natural laxative.
    • Ground seeds lower cholesterol.
    • Neat source of magnesium.
    • High levels of lignans protect against breast cancer.
    • Ounce of ground flax seed per day regulates estrogen levels in post- menopausal women.
    • Guards post-menopausal women from heart disease.
    • Decreases insulin resistance to protect against diabetes.
    • May prevent prostate cancer and also the spread of melanoma.

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