Health Benefits of Probiotics
by Charles Martingham
GI tract is rich in flora. More than 500 species of bacteria live here. Some of these
bacteria are good for us, protecting us from bad bacteria and helping in the process
of digestion.

There were studies done on germ-free animals which have concluded that microbial
colonization is important to the human body. But sometimes these microbes can
create a pathogenic relationship with the human host which have the tendency to
lead to a fatal disease.

There are microbial metabolites that could mutate and become carcinogens. They
lead to cancer especially when humans are greatly exposed to them. That is why it is
important for us to understand how colonizing microbes affect us and how we can
use them to combat the negative effects of harmful commensal microbes.

Probiotics are known to have a good effect on our health, especially when taking in
the right amounts. In short, probiotics are what feeds the good bacteria. They are
good to include in our diet because probiotics will help the good bacteria to multiply
and survive the rigors brought about by the digestion process.

Probiotics help our body to fight the bacteria enzymes that allow for the growth of
carcinogens in our colon. Aside from this, probiotics also improve our immune

Probiotics are better than therapy because they cost lower and they do not lead to
antibiotic resistance which can decrease their effectiveness over time.

Aside from probiotics, there is also something called prebiotics. These are food
ingredients that the body is not capable of digesting but they are good for us because
they allow the good bacteria in our colon to grow and to multiply. It is good to
supplement prebiotics as they help the good bacteria to live longer.

Prebiotics are better than probiotics in terms of curing lactose intolerance. But both
are good at preventing colon problems. Prebiotics are also good for improving the
absorption of nutrients, increasing fibre intake, improving the immune system, and
bringing down cholesterol levels. Certain strains of prebiotics are used to cure
constipation as well as hepatic encephalopathy. They are also beneficial for people
suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

To conclude this article, we can say that probiotics and prebiotics are a great way to
boost our health because of the microorganisms present in them. Both probiotics
and prebiotics are starting to gain recognition for their positive effects. People are
now more concerned with finding alternative medicines that are more natural. Aside
from this, they are starting to realize that a low-fiber diet is the main reason for
health problems such as obesity and heart diseases. Probiotics and prebiotics can be
supplemented by additional intake of fermented foods like yoghurt and other
supplements in powder, capsule, or tablet form.

About The Author

Charles Martingham

One great way to get probiotics into your diet is to drink
. This delicious
drink is a type of
, rich in nutrients and good bacteria. Learn more by
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Our bodies are home to a lot of
microorganisms, especially body
parts like the mouth, skin, and
digestive tract. These parts are
exposed to external factors. These
microorganisms are called
commensal microbes and are largely
interdependent with the human

The most number of commensal
organisms can be found in our
gastrointestinal tract. Our GI tract
spans more than 350 sq. meters
which makes it the second biggest
surface area in the human body. The
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