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Benefits of Beans - A Natural Fat Burner!
by Steve O'Connor
being the first) for providing protein to people around the world. In comparison to
grains, however, beans have approximately an identical number of calories, but
contain two to three times more protein. As a matter of fact, beans are really a

Here is a list of some popular bean varieties: pinto, kidney, navy, black, lima,
and mung beans.

There are many other varieties of beans, including Great Northern beans, Cannellini
beans (white kidney beans), garbanzo beans (chickpeas), and kidney beans (pink,
red, white/cannellini, light, and dark). As consumers become more and more
interested in beans, there are brand new varieties that are coming into the market on
a regular basis.

What is the reason for this sudden interest in beans?

Actually, there are a couple reasons. Beans are hearty, taste delicious, and contain
many nutrients that are beneficial to maintaining good health.

You can purchase dried beans throughout the year in supermarkets, grocery stores,
whole food markets, health food stores, specialty stores, farmer's markets, and
roadside stands.

The Fat Burning Benefits of Beans (and other health benefits)

Beans contain antioxidants, which help to protect the heart from damage
caused by free radicals, reduce inflammation, and help wounds to heal.

Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, as they are commonly called, contain a high level of
antioxidants from phyto-chemicals called saponins. Chickpeas are not only a reliable
source of protein and folate, but can also help people to lower their cholesterol levels.

When you have so many beans to choose from, it makes sense to add beans to
your fat burning diet every day.

People who eat beans on a regular basis have the benefit of lowering their cholesterol

The fact that they are low in calories plus contain a great deal of fiber make them an
ideal choice for your fat-burning diet and daily nutrition.

Selecting Beans

When looking to purchase dried beans, you want to shop at a grocery store or
market that does a lot of business so it is bringing in fresh goods all the time. Choose
the freshest dried beans rather than a product that's been in the store a year. Try to
find beans that aren't very old. This might not be an easy task, so you may have to
depend on your market for their freshness.

You will realize the importance of buying fresh beans if you ever have the experience
of cooking beans for many hours, only to realize that they are still not cooked. Do
you understand the reason why? The reason is that the beans are not fresh.

Whenever you buy beans in a whole foods market or any supermarket that sells
dried beans in bulk, inspect the receptacles to make certain they have lids and look
sanitary. Make sure you look to see if there is any powder around beans that come
in bags. This indicates they are not fresh. Choose beans that are intact rather than

How to Cook Beans (and ways to serve beans)

Before cooking your beans, you should look at them carefully when they are still dry,
and remove any extra debris, such as rocks, insects, and lumps of dirt. You're going
to find some, however it's easy to remove any. Next, rinse off the beans by putting
them in a colander and running cold water over them.

After this step, soak the beans for a minimum of one hour; soaking beans overnight
is even better. You should always soak any variety of dried beans overnight before
you cook them.

Common knowledge dictates that when you soak beans for a longer time period,
you do not need to cook them as long, and they will cause less gastric disturbance.

Beans that are fresh and recently picked cook up faster. Pressure cooked beans may
be used in certain recipes to obtain a better result.

You can add beans when preparing dishes however you like. You will learn
that adding beans to any recipe will add additional health benefits.
following are a few quick ideas. I know you will be able to discover many more ideas
on your own.

Recommended Serving Size

Try to have a half cup to a whole cup of beans 4 times weekly, at minimum.

About The Author

Steve O'Connor

This is just one example of the many extraordinary
available -
foods that will burn fat naturally, allowing you to lose weight whilst you eat! Discover
over 100 fat burning foods at
and start losing weight
Discover the incredible weight loss
benefits of beans, how to best
prepare them and how much you
should eat to get maximum benefit
from beans - one of nature's
amazing fat burning foods.

Legumes, also called beans, are
some of the world's most ancient
cultivated plants. According to fossil
records, prehistoric man was familiar
with growing and eating legumes.

There are now more than 33,000
types of legumes, and legumes are
the second most popular food (grains
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