High Blood Pressure Medications - Can They Be Responsible
For More People Ignoring Hypertension?  
by Rachel Willson
Side effects from high blood pressure medications can range from the annoying like a
need to frequently urinate, to having an impact on the quality of life such as general
fatigue, impotence, dizziness and blurred vision. In some instances, the drugs can
actually cause what they are designed to control. Heart attacks, strokes and
congestive heart failure are all possible side effects of some of the drugs.

A patient new to these medication may soon loose there tolerance for the side
effects and the juggling of dosages and decide to abandon them all together. This is
particularly true of persons with mild hypertension who considered themselves
healthy before being diagnosed as hypertensive.

Unfortunately, high blood pressure has no outward symptoms and for many, the first
time they realize they have the condition is when they have their blood pressure
checked. As a result, the new patient weighs the misery of the side effects, and
perhaps the cost of this new life long requirement, against life the way it used to be.
It is not unreasonable to see why they chose to abandon the therapy even knowing
the risk. In their minds, the cure is worse than the disease.

This of course is a trend that can be extremely dangerous. Hypertension can not be
ignored. It will not go away by itself. It kills over 50,000 Americans each year.

If a patient decides they cannot tolerate the medicine, then they need to take other
steps to control their condition.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to drugs. In fact the American Heart Association
endorses changes in lifestyle over the use of medication. The fact is, this condition
can not only be controlled, but reversed by making changes in diet, exercise and
stress management. It's not rocket science; it's simply informed common sense and
something that anyone can accomplish if they commit to it.

It's estimated that of the 65 million Americans that have high blood pressure, one
third don't know they have it. Of the remaining 43 million who know they have the
condition, fully a third are not treating it. This is a huge public health issue that
screams out for attention.

It also begs the question as to why blood pressure medications are prescribed as the
control of choice rather than encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. Is it simply a
Western medicine tradition that there's a pill for everything, or is it something else.
When there is overwhelming evidence that this condition can be controlled naturally,
why do we continue to put patients through the miseries and expense of medication?

It's your body. If you are hypertensive then you have to make a decision as to how
you will deal with it. You can't just ignore it or it will eventually take its toll on you.

About The Author

Rachel Willson

Did you know that there is an alternative to
that can
lower your BP reading by 20 points in three weeks? Would you like to know how?
for the answer to that question and more on
replacing drugs with a healthy lifestyle.
High blood pressure medication is the
most common method of controlling
hypertension. But could it also be a
contributor to even higher blood
pressure or worse?

With over 300 brands to choose
from, often times the effectiveness of
a given medication has to go through
a trial and error period with an
individual patient before a reasonable
dosage or combination of drugs can
be achieved. It's during this period tat
the patient is likely to experience side
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