How Does Yacon Syrup Compare to Agave Syrup?
by Leslie Sawyer
glucose-free, and does not increase blood sugar levels. Due to being glucose-free
syrup is often recommended as a sweetener to those suffering from diabetes or at
risk for becoming a diabetic. One of the big advantages is that yacon syrup does not
hit your bloodstream as a high glycemic food, which means this does not impact
your blood sugar levels. In comparison agave syrup acts similar to yacon because it
too can be substituted for sugar and is easily digestible and doesn't' put blood sugars
at risk.

Yacon looks similar to barley malt or brown rice syrup, but yacon taste more like
molasses and has a thick consistency. Due to its consistency yacon syrup pairs well
with peanut butter or any type of nut butter. It also compliments granola well. For
anyone on a restricted diet it is recommended you use spelt (bread) topped with a
teaspoon of yacon syrup. In comparison, agave syrup comes in two varieties light
brown and dark amber. The light brown agave is similar in color to honey but has a
lighter taste than honey and is recommended if you don't prefer the after taster of
honey. The dark brown agave is thicker and was heated longer in the extraction
process but pairs well in dark desserts like fruit cake or brownies this particular agave
has a more molasses like flavor and really resembles yacon syrup taste also.
However for drinks such as teas or coffee the light agave syrup will compliment any

Both yacon and agave syrup are a glucose free sugar substitute. They both make
great sweeteners for individuals on a restriction diet or just trying to watch their
sugar intake. However when deciding on the two yacon syrup is only available in
natural health food stores, but agave syrup is now available in supermarkets and is
more familiar. Most dieticians recommend agave syrup more because of its
popularity and it is more available for use in foods. However yacon syrup is primarily
used more by the vegan diet for gluten free recipes. The choice is up to you and the
good part is that it is from nature and due to both yacon syrup and agave high
fructose content means less is needed which is the most important factor of all. That
means better sugar levels and a better opportunity of achieving optimum health.

About The Author

Leslie Sawyer

I am a Nutritional Consultant who enjoys providing information and resources for
living a better life to achieve optimum health. Best wishes from
Yacon is syrup that is native to the
Andean region of South America. Its
name is derived from a plant that
grows in the high attitudes valley of
the Andes Mountains. It has huge
leaves and is similar to potatoes
where as its root system lounges in
the ground. When digging up the root
of the yacon the syrup is extracted
from the root. The syrup is extracted
from the root of the plant, this plant
is called yacon and it is similar looking
to the sweet potatoes that
Americans are accustom to eating.

It is a sugar substitute because it is
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