How Much Sleep Do Kids Really Need?
by Beverly Frank
like it. Just make sure that when they are tired they are allowed to sleep.

Between six and twelve months, children need fourteen or fifteen hours. This is the
stage when your baby will need to take several naps, and sleep at night as well. Most
kids at this stage take two or three naps during the day, and sleep through the night
fairly well. They no longer need to eat at night. This is the best stage to start your
child on a routine. Pay attention to their normal moods, and put them on a sleep
schedule that gives them a morning nap when they are tired, and an afternoon nap
when they are tired. Put them to bed between seven and nine p.m., and plan on
them waking between six or eight a.m.

Between ages one and three, children need ten, up to thirteen hours. They should be
taking one or two naps a day. They will often transition from two naps to just one
around three years old. At this age it is important to keep their bedtime and nap
times as consistent as possible. This is the age when fears start to develop. They
may fear monsters in the closet, or dark, etc. Do not indulge them. Do not cuddle
them to sleep. Do not let them sleep with you. This develops bad habits that will be
difficult to break.

Between ages three to ten, children need ten to twelve hours. At this stage your child
is not likely napping, or if they are, their naps have grown shorter. At this stage the
most important thing for your child is a solid ten hours or more at night. This means
putting them to bed at a consistent time is key. Your child should be put to bed
around seven, eight or nine at night, and you can plan on them waking between six
and eight in the morning. Remember, your child is growing older, and is going to be
quite cunning at stalling their bedtime. So, to ensure your child gets the sleep they
need, develop a bedtime routine so that they do not need drinks, etc. once they are
in bed because they have already had them. Do not give in to stall tactics.

Between ages eleven and twelve, children need about ten hours. They do not take
naps, and thus should be put to bed on time, even on weekends.

Teenagers need about nine hours of sleep per night, and if they do not get it they will
make up for it with naps during the day, and crankiness beyond the usual teen

About The Author

Beverly Frank is a work-at-home writer and mom to two young kids. Visit
for more ideas.
As a parent, understanding how much
sleep your child needs is important to
their health and your sanity. Just
because you only need seven to nine
hours a night doesn't mean that is all
they need. The following is a brief
look at how much sleep kids need at
their various ages and stages.

Between birth and six months,
children need sixteen to twenty
hours. They are not yet on a
biological clock, and so light and dark
make no difference. This is not the
time to put them on a schedule, they
will sleep and wake when they feel
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