How Pilates Can Improve Your Fitness
by Charlotte Hopkinson
levels of experience from beginners to advanced levels is ideal so that you can be
part of a group at a similar level. There are many classes being taught around the
country and in Lancashire in particular, there are several weekly classes that teach
the benefits of Pilates. For example, there are several groups taking part in Pilates
classes in Preston, Blackburn and Chorley varying from 'mens only' classes to pre
and post natal classes. The Pilates class you choose should be run by experienced
instructors and will provide many benefits for your body and mind.

Pilates is a particularly safe form of exercise for pregnant women as the movements
don't involve high impact moves and consists of carefully controlled movements. This
is easier on the muscles and joints which are particularly vulnerable to injury whilst
pregnant. Fully qualified Pilates instructors can help you to understand the changes
your body will go through in the nine months of your pregnancy, helping you to feel
good about yourself at this time and keep your body healthy.

Sports people and athletes benefit greatly from Pilates as it can help to prevent injury
and improves balance and co-ordination, which is beneficial for us all, as well as
sports people. The improved strength and flexibility to be gained makes Pilates an
attractive pastime.

Most people know the importance of keeping fit but find all sorts of different excuses
not to join a fitness class. By joining a Pilates class you will be improving your
physical stamina and fitness levels without putting unnecessary strain on your joints
and muscles, meaning anyone of any age can take part in Pilates. You may even
want to encourage a friend or loved one to make the first move to attend a Pilates
lesson. By going along with them to a class you will be helping them to take the first
step on the road to a better sense of well being and posture.

About The Author

Charlotte Hopkinson

There are many benefits of Pilates which anyone can benefit from, whether you are
male or female, young or old with any activity level. Pilates teaches the importance
of controlling your breathing to focus your mind and tighten your stomach muscles.
The exercises performed in a Pilates class are done slowly with a fluid movement to
avoid any injury which is a benefit for all age groups. Pilates can be enjoyed by
everyone and joining a Pilates class will offer lifelong benefits for your health and
Pilates was created in the early
1900's by Joseph Pilates to aid
dancers and athletes in the recovery
from physical injuries. Pilates isn't an
aerobic exercise but is instead aimed
at strengthening the body and
muscles. There are many benefits of
this exercise such as improving
posture and balance, whilst also
focusing the mind. Pilates has
enjoyed a renewed popularity in the
last twenty years and is suitable for
any age and fitness level as long as
you receive professional tuition.

Finding an instructor who teaches all
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