How Sleep Deprivation Leads to Depression
by Chris Blanchet
cognition is among the first internal functions to go once sleep deprivation becomes
severe), as well as other functions we take for granted in our day-to-day routines.

With a lack of energy, a lot of people will lack the enthusiasm they need to get
through their day. This alone can push some into mild depression but is usually not
the sole reason why some will become depressed. In fact, some of the contributors
to depression as a result of sleep deprivation are:

- Poor diet. A poor diet that fails to energize the body and allow it to burn
unnecessary carbs and sugars will further deplete energy levels and leave you feeling
drained. This drained feeling will compound and lead to mild depression by itself.

- Poor decision making. Without proper sleep, making the proper decisions becomes
increasingly more difficult. When we make poor decisions we often have to work
harder at fixing the consequences which leaves us feeling like we are "spinning our
wheels" or getting nowhere.

- Chronic fatigue. It does not take much time before sleep deprivation escalates and
the body's immune system begins to shut down. Chronic fatigue may ensue, leaving
you feeling tired even after a night of 10-hour sleep. This compounds to the point
where all you want to do is sleep.

- Other illnesses. Without proper sleep, our bodies have a tough time fighting viruses
and other illnesses. This results in our need for constant rest. While we spend so
much time resting, we miss out on the activities and socializing that normally bring us
happiness and joy.

Clearly, none of these consequences of sleep deprivation are likely to result in
depression on their own. In fact, it will usually be a combination of the many different
consequences that become too much for us to handle and, before long, we will find
ourselves locked in the grips of depression.

The easiest way to ensure you avoid depression is to make sure you are getting the
right amount and quality of sleep. That means setting aside enough hours every night
to get the rest you need to feel refreshed and energized the next morning. As well, it
means sleeping in a comfortable bed (not the couch or train) for these straight hours
of uninterrupted sleep.

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Chris Blanchet

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Everyone knows that sleep
deprivation can cause a long list of
health problems. One of these
problems is depression and if you
take a moment to understand just
how severe sleep deprivation can be,
it will make perfect sense why
depression is a common

When people do not get a full night of
sleep, their body realizes that it must
conserve the little energy that it has.
The energy is therefore used to
maintain important internal functions
like heart beat, cognition (and even,
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