How Stress Affects Both the Mind and Body
by Marcus D Williams
of Stress (AIS), the most likely areas to be negatively affected by stress are your
brain, skin, hair, lungs, heart, digestive tract, and reproductive organs. While hair loss,
hives, psoriasis, eczema and acne may annoy you, the effects of stress on your
heart, brain, lungs and digestive tract can be extremely dangerous. Keep in mind that
not everyone suffers the same stress triggers or effects on their bodies, so while you
may have one or two stress related symptoms, you may not have them all.

The Effects of Stress On Your Heart

To evaluate the effects of stress on the heart, Yale Medical School conducted a series
of studies on chronic stress and heart disease. The study found that high blood
pressure, high cholesterol levels and triglycerides, and plaque build-up in the arteries
can all lead to heart disease. While occasional stress and heightened blood pressure is
not overly harmful to your heart, your cardiovascular system just cannot handle
abundant amounts of stress and anxiety. The high cholesterol levels and plaque
build-up in the arteries were caused by overly stressed people who turned to food to
alleviate their stress.

The Effects of Stress On Your Lungs

If you have asthma or chronic breathing issues, stress can bring on a severe asthma
attack. Even if you do not have chronic breathing issues or asthma, stress can still be
a problem, since it causes your breath to come in short, quick and shallow bursts.
This can increase your stress level.

The Effects of Stress On Your Digestive System

Chronic stress can cause many problems, including ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome,
and indigestion. These damaging problems in your digestive tract are the first clue for
many people that they need to reduce their level of stress.

The Effects of Stress On Your Brain

Stress has been linked to mental health issues, including depression, substance
abuse, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and many phobias. These phobias may
include social phobias, a fear of open spaces, blood phobias, commitment phobias,
and claustrophobia.

Many physical problems and mental health issues have been linked to stress. To
alleviate stress and bring about a more healthy body and mind, you have to work
hard to keep your stress and anxiety at a more manageable level, so that your body
doesn't suffer the adverse effects of chronic stress.

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About The Author

Marcus Williams invites you to join his exclusive stress management eCourse and
discover a range of free stress management tools and articles to help you.
Are you stressed out? Do you have a
hard time sleeping, but are constantly
tired? Do you get frequent
headaches? You are not alone. Many
people in today's society are too
busy to take the time to relax. They
suffer the effects of gaining weight,
racing thoughts, and weight loss. If
you allow these problems to build up,
they can lead to severe health issues,
which in turn can cause even more

Stress can affect your emotional,
physical and mental well-being.
According to The American Institute
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