How Stress Affects Your Blood Pressure
by Jan Oliver
extreme stress in some circumstances can even trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Now it would not be a surprise to say that we have to do away with the hectic
lifestyles that we used to live and try to lead a more carefree life would it?
Unfortunately, despite knowing that is not enough and many people still go on to
suffer heart diseases because of stress-related causes.

Unfortunately, there is no place to escape from stress. It is ever present, like the air
we breathe, constantly being replenished by the circumstances of our lives. The
happy, carefree life that we used to dream of will always remain a fantasy. Because
stress is a inescapable part of our lives the challenge is not to get rid of it but to
reduce it and constructively manage it in our lives.

One of the positive ways to deal with stress is to find an activity or sport that you
enjoy and do it regularly. Diverting your mind from the things that stress you can
help you cope. On the other hand, dwelling excessively on your problems can only
make them look bigger. Exercise helps cope with stress in more ways than one. In
addition to diversion, physical activity releases a hormone in your body that can
counteract the stress hormones.

On top of that, exercise helps you to keep fit and that in turn improves your health
and strengthens your heart and circulation. Aerobic activity helps improve blood flow
and reduce blood pressure by clearing fat and cholesterol from your blood vessels.
And it strengthens the heart so that it doesn't have to work so hard.

Meditation classes or yoga classes can also help relieve stress and lower blood
pressure. Yoga provides gentle activity and both yoga and meditation help relieve
stress by calming the mind and relaxing the body. Both of these help reduce stress
hormones and relieve the load on the heart.

Last but not least, a strong and fit body is better able to physically handle stress and
the demands of daily life. Since you can never escape from stress you may as well
face it under the best circumstances. Both physical activities and relaxation will help.`

About The Author

Jan Oliver is an academic, writer and researcher in natural health. See more of her
work at
. Discover genuine natural
ways to lower blood pressure immediately.
to get your free report on
dealing with blood pressure.
Research has shown that our stress
levels are very closely linked to
substances called catecholamines.
These are actually the stress
hormones produced by the adrenal
glands when under severe stress.
Catecholamines are normal and play
an important role in our physiology.
But high levels of these hormones
make us more susceptible to heart
disease. That's because surges in
stress hormones raise your heart
rate and increase your blood
pressure. The dangers are even
greater if you are already afflicted
with any sort of heart disease;
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