How to Get Rid of Acne with Natural Remedies
by Rudy Silva
skin problem.

For example, to get rid of acne caused by infection, you might need to use an
antibiotic cream or antibiotic capsules. But, to get rid of acne caused by excessive oil
secretions, you might try Azelaic acid cream.

Or, if your acne was caused by poor diet, then using a cream that had a form of
vitamin A might help you get rid of acne. But if hormonal acne was your problem, then
internal cleansing, supplements, including fish oil, could get rid of your acne.

Even though teenagers, and indeed, anyone affected by acne wants to get rid of this
condition right away, you must remember that acne is a normal and natural part of
growing up. Hormonal balances or imbalances might cause acne related problems for
the time being. But it is rarely, if ever, permanent. Acne, no matter how severe it
seems to be, does disappear once the pubescent changes are completed in the
human body.

But for those of you that are older, then hormones many not be the issue and to get
rid of this acne requires some serious nutritional steps and facial applications which
require the help of a professional nutritionist or dermatologist.

Here are some tips that you can experiment with to see it they will get rid of
your acne.

If you are a lady who wears foundation makeup, look at the ingredients in your
makeup. If it is an oil-based product, your foundation may be the culprit behind the
acne problem. Change your makeup to one that has a water base and your skin can
breathe a little easier. And, you may also go very lite on the makeup or go without
make up to see if you acne lessens.

Wash your face consistently twice a day using a mild soap, such as pure glycerin. Mild
is the secret technique. Harsh soaps can actually aggravate your skin. Also, make
sure that you rinse your face thoroughly. A trace of soap can aggravate your acne.

Try regular old benzoyl peroxide, which is among the most tried and true home acne
remedies there is. It is also an extremely inexpensive solution that has stood the test
of time. The secret behind the benzoyl peroxide's effectiveness among the home acne
remedies is oxygen. Oxygen kills the bacteria lying under the surface of the skin and
deep into the pores.

Try applying toothpaste to the affected area at bedtime. Make sure to use traditional
toothpaste instead of gels or whitening paste. When you wakeup, you will find a small
remnant of the acne, if any at all.

Finally, you can try washing your face with sea salt and distilled water. After that,
squeeze some lemon juice on your face and finally wash your face with glycerin soap

Trying to get rid of acne can really create stress and emotional problems. So by trying
many different creams and remedies, you may find the answer on how to get rid of
your acne.

About The Author

Rudy Silva is a Nutritional Consultant that specializes in natural remedies. To get free
information on how to use facial creams to get rid of acne go to:
With the vast number of creams
and lotions available in the local
pharmacy you would think that
they could get rid of acne, but
not all of them work.

Every person is different and the
cause of their acne may also be
different. So this means that for
you to get rid of your acne you
would need to try many different
creams and techniques, unless
you knew exactly what was
causing your acne. Then you
could buy exactly the product or
service that could eliminate your
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