How to Strengthen Your Heart and Lungs With Exercise
by Becca Scott

Exercise in general will serve to strengthen the heart and the lungs. Exercise forces
the blood to pump through your heart at a faster pace. It also forces your lungs to
inhale and exhale air more often. By so doing the diaphragm is kept very busy which
stimulates the movements of the rib cage. This all leads to making your lungs

Aerobic exercises in particular are beneficial for the lungs, the heart and the
circulatory system in general. These kinds of exercises act as a learning tool to
educate and train the lungs to make better use of oxygen. Your heart rate is
elevated when you engage in aerobic exercise and this leads to improved
cardiovascular health.

When you do an aerobic activity your heart rate increases for a time span of 20 to
25 minutes. This means the production of blood through the heart is faster. This
action of the heart aids the lungs in getting healthier and stronger. This is also true for
the warm up and cool down exercises you should include with all of your workouts.

To be fit you need a pair of healthy lungs and a strong heart. The more you can do
to strengthen them both the better it will be for your overall level of health. Make
aerobic exercise a part of your regular schedule.

Find an aerobic activity you like (or alternate between aerobic activities) and do it
four to five times a week for no more than 20 minutes at a time. On weeks you
have time for more then do more. Even if you can do something aerobically effective
three times a week for the same duration of time then you'll be benefiting your heart
and lungs tremendously, not to mention your entire body!

Don't do the same type of aerobic activity all of the time. Not only will this breed
boredom but you need to do an array of exercises in order to work the different
groups of muscles found throughout your body.

Aerobic exercises can also help to start your lungs down the road to healing if they
have been sick or if you are recovering from an infection or illness. Some examples
of aerobic activities include stretching, walking, jogging, running, swimming, jumping
rope, resistance training with weights and doing exercises in the water (otherwise
known as water aerobics).

If you choose to do exercises in the water one activity that can really make your
heart and lungs work harder is to stretch in the water and lift weights in the water.
Remember though that everything is harder to do in water than on dry land. For that
reason choose weights no heavier than five to 10 pounds. Always make sure that
you are in not in a pool alone when you work out in case of an emergency.

Keeping our heart and lungs in top shape is an obligation we have to our body, and
apart from eating healthy foods and getting a good quota of sleep we need to make
exercise part of our daily lives as well.

If you can't get the gym or workout at home then at least take a walk or look for
opportunities to tax your body out in the yard. Look for every opportunity to work
your heart and lungs - they'll love you for it!

About The Author

Becca Scott writes extensively about alternative health topics. Becca is currently
focused on the short intense exercise industry and the new

program and you can read her thoughts about this program at her blog at
Exercise is good for your whole body
system but especially important to
strengthen your heart and lungs.
Here are tips to keep your heart and
lungs in top shape.

Your heart and lungs need to be put
through a good workout as often as
possible so they can work at
optimum capacity. The heart is
considered to be a muscular organ.
The lungs are not muscles per se but
the diaphragm is a dome-shaped
muscle directly beneath the lungs that
works in concert with the lungs to
help you breathe in and breathe out
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