How to Treat Painful Feet - Incorporating Healthy Foot Soaks
by Vincent P Platania
consult with a physician before using any type of product or method to treat painful
feet. Swollen feet, for example, are normal in hot and humid weather, but can also be
a sign of a serious medical condition. As with any physical condition, it is wise to seek
the advice of a physician or podiatrist if painful conditions such as swelling, muscle
cramps, or others continue for more than a few days.

Some conditions may be treated easily with a foot ache soak followed by foot lotion.
Calluses and corns are two such examples. Calluses are a build-up of thick skin that
develops over time, most often on the heels. As our bodies age, the padding in the
feet becomes thinner and the development of calluses is one way the body adapts to
this change. Other areas of the foot may also develop calluses, such as the ball of the
foot. Because calluses can signal other, more serious foot problems, it is wise to seek
the assistance of a podiatrist to treat painful feet. A doctor is also the best person to
remove very thick and/or painful calluses. For a minor callus buildup, a healthy soak
for feet can be used to soften the skin, which can then be gently removed using a
pumice stone or similar product. This treatment, followed by a revitalizing foot lotion
can help relieve and treat painful feet. Inserting padding in the shoes at the point of
the callus can also aid in reducing foot pain.

Corns are one of the more common foot ailments, and tend to show up most often
in people under thirty and in women. This is likely because of the shoe styles worn,
which can put pressure on the toes. Corns are small, concentrated calluses that
usually develop around the toes where friction occurs most, such as the tops, around
joints, and in between. To treat painful feet resulting from corns and to help prevent
corns from developing, use a foot ache soak on a daily basis. Following the foot soak,
corns can be gently removed using a pumice stone, followed by a foot lotion. This
easy, preventative program, combined with shoes that do not pinch the toes and
special pads over the corns, is an effective method to treat painful feet. It is also a
nice, relaxing way to end the day.

For general foot aches and pains, a healthy foot ache soak combining a range of
treatment components can aid in the reduction of normal swelling, help reduce muscle
fatigue, lessen muscle soreness, and rejuvenate the feet. Products that incorporate
various botanicals, for example, can create a foot soak that positively affect both
mind and body and treat painful feet. Research shows that scents have a direct
impact on our thoughts and emotions, and the use of botanicals in a foot soak offers
both mental and physical benefits. Botanicals have long been used in combination with
massage therapy to promote feelings of well-being, promote health, and as
therapeutic tools. The same concepts apply when using botanicals in combination with
a soak to treat painful feet. Foot soaks can also be useful in the treatment and
prevention of other conditions such as athletes foot and in promoting overall foot

Peppermint, for example, is useful in clearing the mind and emotions (which can be
very welcome after a long day on the job), relieves muscle aches, and is often used
to treat painful feet. Combinations of lavender, rosemary, and juniper, are used to
relive pain and in sports medicine. Other blends, such as peppermint, rosemary, and
geranium are used not only to treat pain but also to uplift and strengthen.

For a relaxing foot soak, use cool or warm water and soak your feet for about fifteen
minutes. Pat the feet dry rather than rubbing them with a towel (although a rough
towel can be in replace of a pumice stone for mild calluses or corns). When feet are
dry, apply a foot lotion.

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For those who spend a lot of
time standing or walking, painful
feet may become an unfortunate
reality. Taking time to treat
painful feet can help soothe the
aches and pains, and may help
prevent more serious conditions.
A healthy soak for feet designed
to help increase circulation,
promote muscle relaxation, and
soften the skin, can help make
feet feel better both inside and
out. However, chronic pain
should be reported to a doctor
or podiatrist, and those with
diabetes in particular should
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