How to Use Yoga For Stress Relief
by Eddy Wai KK
intensities. There is, however, a particular style that is perfect for stress management
and getting relief from hyper tension - Hatha. The best yoga hathasasans therapy

1. Balsana a.k.a. Child's Pose, which involves lowering legs on the floor, bending
knees, and resting the chest on the knees. The head must be stretched forward and
arms are stretched forward or backwards. Breathe deeply for about 6 minutes.

2. Savasana a.k.a. Corpse Pose, which involves lying on the back and spreading the
arms and legs to 45 degrees. For 10-15 minutes, breathe deeply.

3. Makarasana a.k.a. Crocodile Pose, which involves stretching out the legs and lying
down on the stomach. Both palms must hold the head and elbows are rested on the
floor. Continue to breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes.

Several techniques that are also used to combat stress are controlled breathing,
meditation, physical movement and stretching. Muscles bring together stress. When
body lacks movement, lactic acid that causes stiffness accumulates. By doing
stretching and physical movement, circulation improves and toxins are drained,
resulting to a more free movement, and reduction of stress. Controlled breathing and
meditation integrate the body, breath, mind, and intellect. They bring serenity to the
body cells, releases tension from the 5 senses, at the same time, relaxes facial
muscles. If this is done deliberately, the mind is stilled. Problems and fears cannot
pierce through the brain. It is the brain that is freed from stress, and instead filled
with tranquility and peace. Yoga has also been found to increase immunity, thus
letting you live a healthier life, an essential element to stress reduction.

But to be able to reap from the positive psychological and physical effects of yoga,
commitment and effort are necessary. Taking pills and herbs are obviously easier to
apply than yoga. Yoga classes may be expensive. When you try to learn from a
video or a book, learning yoga may be more difficult. It really demands commitment
to improve and responsibility. Once you do set your mind to employing yoga into
your regular routine, do not expect that it will cure you or prevent you from stress
100%. Yoga should be combined with other regular fitness routine such as eating
healthy, getting sleep, and being happy.

About The Author

Eddy Wai KK is a certified behavioral consultant for more than 5 years and used to be
a stress and anxiety sufferer. For more details on
, and how we can help
you to treat your stress problems fast? Be sure to visit
and get your free 10-day mini-ecourse right
Have you ever wondered if there is
any way to balance your life in
harmony despite all the stress and
buh humbug? How do you de-stress,
and obtain a healthy lifestyle at the
same time? One word. Yoga. Yoga
has been around for thousands of
years, and there is a reason so. It's
effective! How it reduces stress lies in
the yogic science of strengthening the
nervous system by revitalizing the
cells, improving blood flow and
relaxing your mind.

Yoga is a practice so broad that it has
so many styles, formed and
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