Importance of Nutrition For Children & Parents
by Leah Salmon
bundle of joy trying to eat dirt in the garden. What is within the parents control is the
nutrition of their children at home and the education on food which they will take with
them to the outside world.

A parent’s role in their child’s nutrition begins much earlier than most think. First and
foremost know that we are what we eat, so be mindful of who you choose to have
children with on all levels. Most of us understand the effects of hereditary illness, but
foods and pollutants that a parent carry can cause damage to their children.

Three months of preconception care should be observed by both parents, it has been
said that the soul of a child is here three months prior to conception. To help fertility
and general well being, alcohol, tobacco, pollutants and stress should be avoided and
vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and exercise increased. If these practises, as
well as prayer, mediation, reading or relaxation time (if you enjoy these things) can be
established before the child is born, they will become a part of your life and something
you can always do as a family. There are also herbs that can be taken by the mother
before during and after pregnancy to help stabilise her hormones and therefore avoid
pre natal depression or severe mood swings. For example, Raspberry leaf tea helps
fertility in both parents and is helpful to the mother throughout the pregnancy from
easing morning sickness to the waters breaking. (ALWAYS check that herbs and
essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy.)

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, all of the Childs organs are formed, so the mother
should very carefully modify their diet to help this crucial stage and continue
thereafter. Remember, 9 months of poor eating could lead to years of suffering for
your child. If you do decide to give up damaging foods, do so gradually to avoid illness
or bad reactions. Meats are now packed with chemicals and steroids, cigarettes
contain thousands of chemical, salt and sugar cause any health problems and the
resulting self inflicted problems will reduce the nutrients passed to your child. These
are definitely foods you should consider cutting out or reducing. Vegetarian or vegan
diets are normally advisable, but as everyone is different, if this diet produces too
many bad effects, change it accordingly.

Breastfeeding is recommended as it’s linked to intelligence due to high levels of
essential fatty acids in the milk, which also contains antibodies, vitamins, minerals and
pure water. But it is effected by the mother’s nutrition so feed both of you well. There
is a strong link to childhood diabetes resulting from allergies to the protein in cow’s
milk and also beef, which affects the pancreas. Breastfeeding mothers are advised by
paediatricians to avoid drink cow’s milk and eating beef for this reason. Be cautious
with soy milk also as it has been linked to cancer.

Don’t think child minders, nursery and school teachers are qualified to make health
decisions for your children. You are responsible for your child’s health and never think
you’re being a difficult parent if you specify what you want your child to eat or more
importantly not eat. Find out what school dinners consist of and if you don’t agree
with them, make packed lunches or request alternative meals be put on the menus
(there’s no harm in asking).

Our parents had the excuse of little knowledge of good health while we were younger,
this information age should be seen as a legacy in this respect and a chance to link
back to our ancestors ways of health and living, 12yr old in ancient Tamare learnt
degree level information with ease, our food on it.

Is lack of time stopping you? By teaching your child good nutritional habits and the
benefits of good food, they can be involved in their health and older or matured
children can make their own pack lunches. If you can’t deciding what to make them,
teach them enough and they can tell you what they want. Let them make up weird
and wonderful recipes (details aren’t important) and help them make them. This will
make their food interesting to them and your life easier. If you can initially feed them
good foods that taste good, they will remember enjoying good foods and ask for
them again. Most of our childhood memories of good foods were as punishments and
bad foods were treats, children can be fluent in their own anatomy and the effects of
reverse that mindset in our children, let them turn their noses up to fast foods and
look forward to fresh fruit salad. Don’t allow the media to tell your children what to
like, make them be proud of the ways you teach them to eat and live. Four out of
seven days healthy eating initially will give great results initially.

Financial constraints are there because cheap foods are normally bad foods and high
prices are put on health. However, once your children know what they like, find health
food wholesalers, bulk prices are surprisingly reasonable saving you weekly shopping
time and money.

Become your child health care practitioner. Pay attention to their urine colour, dark
strong odoured urine signals more water, to flush the system and improve
concentration and may indicate other more serious problems. If skin rashes appear
and you suspect a certain food, remove it from their diet and see if it goes. If you
notice your children get clingy or sluggish after large meals, they may have an over
worked bowel, struggling to digest a back log of food. Let them snack on fresh fruit
and vegetables; this will give them fibre to help unblock their system, vitamins,
minerals and fresh water (especially if it’s organic). Sugar should always be avoided as
it has no real use except to cause damage. Refined carbohydrates (white bread, flour,
sugar, pasta etc) only give a quick burst of energy but aren’t filling so our children are
eating too much. They have hardly any nutritional value and no fibre which all lead to
obesity. Whole foods (wholegrain rice, raw fruit and vegetable, lentils, beans, nuts,
seeds, seaweeds etc) provide longer lasting energy, fibres, protein and essential oils
which all build beautiful children with healthy organs and alert brains.

Consult nutrition consultants, homeopaths, herbalist and allergy testing centres before
making and appointment with your GP, see the money as an investment for you to
learn about your child’s health, pay attention and get them to explain everything. The
more you learn, the more you can teach your children. They will become your
doctors, as every good student surpasses their teacher, and we can create a healthier
generation, who will enjoy nutritional freedom from common industrialized illnesses
and diseases.

About The Author

Leah Salmon of Davidel has practiced and studied nutritional therapy and herbal
medicines for over 8 years, she writes articles for magazines, ezines and also teaches
on natural healthcare for the family, for more information on natural healthcare visit
or email with any queries or advice.
They are beautiful, energetic,
entertaining and they continually
teach us as they grow and learn.
Who are they? Your children, and
second to the gift of life, the next
greatest gift you can give them is
good health through nutrition. As
they grow you will realise that,
try as you might, you won’t be
able to protect them from every
bad influence in this world. You
may have heard of first time
parents who frantically sterilise
everyone and everything that
comes within a 10 mile radius of
their baby, only to find their
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