Improve Your Memory With Powerful Herbs
by Trevor L. Ponder
immune system and metabolism. They accomplish this by fighting free radicals, which
are substances that are also known to speed up the development of cancer and
heart disease. Here are a few that are commonly recommended (Rai, Shovlin &
Wesnes, 1991; Perry et al., 1998):

Although many people believe that Ginkgo biloba is an effective herb to use for
memory enhancement and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, studies
have shown results at both ends of the spectrum. In a randomized controlled study,
3069 volunteers aged 75 years or older with normal cognition were split into one
group that received two doses daily of 120 mg of Ginkgo biloba and one group that
received a placebo (DeKosky et al., 2008). The study was conducted over a period
of 6 years, with 246 of those who received the placebo and 277 of those who
received the Ginkgo biloba developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease by the end of
the study, indicating that it was not effective in reducing the overall incidence rate of
dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Paul Solomon, et al. (2002) reported on a different
study of 219 people over the age of 60 who were also split into two groups, with
one group taking Ginkgo biloba and the other group taking a placebo. This study
lasted for 6 weeks and indicated that there was no measurable benefit to taking
Ginkgo biloba.

Other studies of Ginkgo biloba, however, have reported results similar to currently
prescribed drugs such as tacrine or donepezil, which are commonly prescribed for
Alzheimer's patients (Perry et al., 1998). Some researchers believe that the
discrepancies between studies may be a result of the types of people selected and
that race and overall health, as well as other factors, may have contributed to the
varying results. It is possible that those who take Ginkgo biloba develop a tolerance
for it, therefore explaining why longer studies show no memory improvement, as it
may work only for a short while.

There are many more herbs that have been believed for generations to help to
improve memory, and more research is being done every day to determine which
ones are the most helpful with the least side effects. It is important to stay informed
as new information is found regarding how to keep our brains and bodies healthy
every day. Scientific data is being found every day that relates to memory and brain
health, and with a large number of the world's population reaching old age, this type
of research is more urgent than ever.

If you are under medical care, it is wise to consult your physician before changing or
adding to your diet, as some of the foods, supplements and herbs mentioned above
may not be recommended for certain conditions, or may react with prescription
medications. Your physician can help you decide what is best for your health and
lifestyle, and may be able to suggest changes that will be of the most benefit to you.
Sudden drastic changes in diet may cause gastrointestinal problems, so go slowly
and gradually until you reach the goal you are working toward, taking smaller
amounts at first and increasing them over a period of time.

About The Author

Trevor Ponder is the author of several books on improving human brain memory.
Download a free ebook and get a 6-part memory course at
or a free memory audio mp3 at .
Many herbs can safely strengthen and
improve the body's systems,
including the brain and memory. Most
herbs have few side effects, but read
the labels, as some should not be
taken if certain health risks are
present. Some herbs help to enhance
memory by improving the flow of
blood through the brain, while others
work to ensure the brain has plenty
of oxygen. The brain needs 20% of
the oxygen that is consumed by the
entire body in order to keep mental
processes running smoothly and to
prevent poor concentration and
vertigo. Some boost energy, our
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