Is Essiac Herbal Tea For Cancer Treatment and Prevention
by Connie Bednar
palmatum), sheep sorrel (rumex acetosella), and the inner bark of slippery elm
(ulmus fulva or ulmus rubra).

In the early 1900's a young Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse was treating patients with
cancer. She met an elderly female that had been diagnosed with advanced stage
breast cancer. This woman was recovering in spite of her poor prognosis. Her secret
was an herbal tea given to her by an Ojibwa Indian healer. Nurse Caisse was so
impressed she started to investigate others that had tried this tea to fight cancer.
She found that this tea had significant healing powers.

The important ingredients in this herbal blend are:

* Sheep sorrel
* Burdock root
* Turkey rhubarb root
* Slippery elm

Nurse Caisse spent the next 50 years treating others with this tea. The sheep sorrel
and the burdock root are the ingredients that have been found to kill cancer cells. The
turkey rhubarb root and the slippery elm bark help enhance and boost the immune

Nurse Caisse treated both her mother and her aunt with essiac tea, as both were
diagnosed with late stage forms of cancer. Both survived and lived into their 90's
after being successfully treated with this herbal blend. Many cancer patients sought
this treatment as a last effort to overcome their cancer. Many were noted to be rid
of their cancer after their treatment with essiac.

In 1938, many prominent physicians in Canada supported legalization of  Nurse
Caisses' herbal tea blend. In spite of their efforts, the medical community refused to
acknowledge the success of essiac tea as a treatment against cancer.

More on the Essiac Tea Controversy. Is Essiac Herbal Tea for Cancer Treatment and
Prevention Effective?

U.S. National Institute of Health, in 2008, reported that "there is not enough
evidence to recommend for or against the use of  essiac herbal tea mixture as a
therapy for any type of cancer." The report went on to say that "none of the
individual herbs in this herbal tea blend have been studied and tested in extensive
human cancer trials."

This four herb blend is presently being considered as a "Phase III cancer treatment".
This means that it is a strong enough treatment to assist in fighting the more
moderately advanced cancers, but not strong enough to be utilized for the treatment
of later stages of cancer. Of course, this does not mean that future research will not
advance the level of this herbal tea to first line of treatment if results prove it a
worthy opponent against cancer.

It is important to note that this herb blend is all natural and does not contain any
preservatives. It is important that any individual that starts treating themselves with
essiac tea, should consult their physician. Herbs, just like any medication, can cause
adverse reactions or interact with other medications. Just because it is an all natural
product, does not mean that it is safe when mixed with other chemicals.

If you are an individual that is receiving traditional cancer treatments, you may
discuss how essiac tea may be used in combination to enhance your treatment.

While the medical community and the public debate the pros and cons of essiac tea,
keep in mind that both sides have validity. The jury is still out on the benefits of this
type of tea. Herbalists consider this to be a very healthy drink that it good for your
body, whether it prevents cancer or not.. It must be left up to you to be the judge of
Essiac tea in regard to your own health.

About The Author

Connie Bednar has been a tea enthusiast all her life. She enjoys sharing information
about loose leaf tea and herb tea thus her web site
was born. Learn more about herbal teas such as
essiac tea
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The healing benefits of essiac tea
have been a controversial topic for
over 90 years. Drinking essiac herbal
tea as a treatment for cancer or in
conjunction with chemotherapy and
radiation continues to be a very
controversial subject today.

If you are not familiar with the
benefits of this herbal tea, let me
explain about this alternative
treatment that many holistic
practitioners recommend for many
forms of cancer. This tea is a  blend
of four herbs; burdock root (arctium
lappa), turkey rhubarb root (rheum
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