Is There a Link Between Folic Acid and Down Syndrome?
by Henri K. Junttila
link between folic acid and Down Syndrome?

When there is trouble in the metabolism of folic acid, the occurrence of birth defects
is far greater. Those babies born to these mothers have been more likely to be born
with medical issues and defects.

Down Syndrome may be one of these as well. In these cases, it is even more
unfortunate that the human body doesn't manufacture its own supply of this
precious B vitamin. Because of this, a supplement of especially folic acid is essential
during pregnancy.

Down's Syndrome occurs in children when the chromosome division goes wrong
before egg fertilization. Usually, chromosomes come in pairs. There are 23 pairs.

One is from the mother's egg and one is from the father's sperm. In the cases of
Down's Syndrome, there is an extra chromosome number 21. Why this one is
affected is unclear. However, that will leave 47 chromosomes instead of the normal
number of 46. The result is that unborn developing Down's Syndrome.

The addition of folic acid in mothers before and during pregnancy has been successful
in the prevention of birth defects. Recent studies have also shown that Down's
Syndrome may also be prevented with additional supplementation of this folate.

The best way to get folic acid is through a supplement. Because of how we must
cook and store our food, the nutrients levels are greatly reduced, especially in the
case of complex B vitamins.

If you are planning to get pregnant or have learned that you already are, then you
must make sure that you get an adequate supplement of this important folate into
your diet.

Most doctors prescribe a high nutrient prenatal multivitamin for this reason. Mothers
should make it a point to take these every day and eat the foods that contain this

The exact link between folic acid and Down's Syndrome remains a mystery, but the
best thing to do is to make sure that you take a supplement to increase the chances
of your unborn child not being affected by neural-tube defects.

If you are pregnant, please contact your doctor before you start any
supplementation. If you aren't pregnant, I highly recommend you go with the best
natural multivitamin brand you can find. But again, I am not a doctor!

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In past years, research has shown
that folic acid can help in the
prevention of neural-tube birth
defects in unborn children. Babies
have been born with part of their
brain missing, called anencephaly, or
with the medical condition spina
bifida, in which the spine is actually on
the outside of the body.

These are horrifying defects for
expectant parents to think of. There
are also studies that suggest a lack of
vital nutrition during pregnancy is a
factor in children being born with
Down syndrome as well. What is the
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