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    Is Yoga Enough to Help You Lose Weight Review by Every Nutrient

    Is Yoga Enough to Help You Lose Weight?

    • January 15, 2017 /
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    • By EveryNutrient

    Yoga seems to be the newest fitness craze with more people signing up for yoga classes than ever before. While yoga may be a great way to tone your muscles and work on your core strength, you may be surprised to know that yoga won’t necessarily help you lose weight. If you’re hoping to find some weight loss motivation by turning to yoga, then you might want to heavily consider the type of
    yoga that you are about to sign up for. The fact of the matter is that most kinds of yoga don’t allow your heart rate to speed up enough in order to lose weight. Further,strength training and cardiovascular workouts must be added to any yoga routine in order to drop a few pounds.

    Therefore, the best kind of yoga is the kind that you combine with a regular gym routine. Still, if you want to enroll in a yoga class that will help with your weight loss motivation, then consider the following yoga types.

    Power Yoga:

    power yoga is a kind of vinyasa yoga that is based upon the Astanga model. The main difference between this type of yoga and other types of yoga is that power yoga will really get your heart pumping. In many ways, power yoga is more like a cardiovascular workout than a yoga workout.

    Hot Yoga:

    hot yoga (such as Bikram Yoga) classes are conducted in a room that is approximately 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Through a series of difficult poses, your heart rate will raise while your body sweats. This type of yoga is guaranteed to give you a real workout.


    Ashtanga yoga consists of various vigorous poses that help target those stubborn areas. By taking part in weekly Ashtanga yoga course, you will begin to lose a big of weight.

    If you can’t get to a formal yoga class, you can still practice yoga. While setting up a hot yoga room may be difficult, there are plenty of home videos available that teach Ashtanga and Power Yoga. Take the time to watch one of these videos at least twice per week for a great workout.

    Yoga is a great way for people who are new to exercise to gain strength. Just remember that yoga must be combined with other weight and cardio routines in order to be effective. Also, be sure to choose a type of yoga from the list above, since many other types of yoga won’t help you lose weight.

    Keep in mind that no fitness routine will work without proper nutrition and motivation. Finding motivation for weight loss is more than half the battle, while eating well is also essential. It’s wrong to assume that eating junk food while taking yoga classes will help you lose weight. Instead, be sure to eat right and find motivation wherever you can – whether it’s custom magnets or a close friend.

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