Is Your Vitamin Supplement Harming Your Health?
by John S. Bennett
So, a synthetic vitamin is an artificially contrived vitamin and not what was intended
in nature. Scientists mix a bunch of chemicals together in a lab until they look
microscopically similar to a natural whole food vitamin. Many of these chemicals if
ingested in their natural state are harmful or even deadly. Some of the nasty
ingredients found in synthetic vitamins are acetylene gas, coal tar, human sewage,
petroleum-based chemicals, and toxic cow livers. Can you believe that man uses
these ingredients in our feeble attempts to imitate what God made, and it's turned
out pretty much like all of the rest of our tries. It hasn't.

Synthetic vitamins have been shown in study after study to be far inferior to natural
whole food vitamins. Your body actually treats them as foreign invader just like
bacteria and viruses and tries to fight against them, and because your body is trying
to fight these vitamins your immune system is weakened making you more
susceptible to real diseases and conditions that you may have normally been able to
fight off.

Synthetic vitamins are fractionated parts of the whole food vitamin complex and
have been shown to cause vitamin deficiencies. When synthetic nutrients are
introduced into your system your body scours itself for the missing parts of the
whole and can create deficiencies. Some examples are synthetic vitamin B1 causing
vitamin B deficiencies, ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) causing copper deficiencies
and synthetic zinc causing mineral deficiencies.

Synthetic vitamins have also been shown to cause extremely harmful, debilitating
and even deadly diseases. Synthetic vitamin A has been shown to cause birth
defects, drying of mucous membranes, hair loss, irritability, problems with the
menstrual cycle, and Synthetic vitamin A given to smokers was shown to increase
their incidence of cancer. Synthetic vitamin C can thicken arterial walls by 250%
setting you up for many heart related diseases. And, if you want to be one of those
little old men or ladies that you see walking around all hunched over just take
synthetic vitamin E; it's been shown to strip vitamins and minerals right out of your
bones. Osteoporosis is a real nice disease - I highly recommend it.

About The Author

John Bennett runs a health and nutrition site at He is
attempting to ferret out the truth hidden among all of the misinformation,
contradictory stories and outright lies about supplementation to help you improve
your health. You can find the food based supplement he recommends in the

section of his site.
Is the vitamin supplement you are
taking causing harm to your body. It
very well could be if you are ingesting
synthetic vitamins. What are
synthetic vitamins, you ask. Synthetic
as defined by is:

  1. Relating to, involving, or of the
    nature of synthesis.
  2. Chemistry Produced by
    synthesis, especially not of
    natural origin.
  3. Not natural or genuine; artificial
    or contrived.
  4. Prepared or made artificially.
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