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    Juice Fast to Treat Your Acne

    Juice Fast to Treat Your Acne

    I have had a lot of email lately on the newest popular treatment for acne and that is Juice Fasts, or fast in general for detoxing your body to get rid of acne. Acne fasts have become popular because over the last two years or so many people have been trying fasts and enemas to aid in their health. These two methods are not new but just like Atkins a couple of years ago some health fads come and go and then a few years later after the hype has worn off the concept comes back again. This is exactly what has happened with fasts.

    The question about using fasting to get rid of acne is one of anecdotal evidence more than anything. People go on a fast and then afterwards find that it has helped their skin, the idea is that a lot of toxin buildup in your system is flushed away by the very clear and clean diet that you go on for a few days. I know that there are a lot of naysayers to fasting and I am sure we will see a few comments on this but remember, if it works for you then it works.

    An acne fast is setup in the following manner. First you make sure that you are eating well for a few days and then after you have gotten a nice clean diet then you can one morning just stop eating solid food and start taking in nothing but juice and water. There are a few things that you need to do to fast successfully. First, make sure that you are not getting much exercise. The fast is supposed to heal your body so you do not want to stress it at all. Secondly, make sure that you get lots of rest and try to pamper yourself by taking baths, getting a massage and even going for a steam at the local gym or pool.

    Now that you know more about fasts it is very important to take the next step and try to learn more about fasts and how a fast can help you reduce your acne problems.

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