Juice For Fasting - The Science Behind A Juice Fast
by Samantha Dillard
Cleans Out Toxins - Most of the toxins in our body are results to unhealthy eating
habits. Juices of fruits and vegetables have many vitamins, minerals and enzymes,
which safely detoxify body as they have cleansing properties.

Enhances the Immune System - Fruit juices are easy to digest and therefore body
has more time to focus and work on healing and repairs of internal parts. The diets
also carry different antioxidants and phytochemicals, which contribute a lot in disease
prevention thereby enhancing the immune system of our body.

Helps You Lose Weight - Fruit juice helps to reduce weight by increasing the body
metabolism and reducing the hunger pranks. Any kind of fasting is a good way to
burn the fat stored in the body. Extra fat gets burned whenever the body requires
more calories to work. While giving you a wide spectrum of nutrients, the fasting will
remove the excess fatty tissues giving advantage over any weight loss program.

Increases Vitality - Increases your vitality irrespective of your age. Most of the fruit
and vegetable juices are locked in the fiber. Requiring very little digestive efforts, the
essential nutrients get directly absorbed by the body. A mix of fresh, raw fruit or
vegetable juices will give all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein and fats
required for an increased vitality.

Heals the Body - Eliminates all the mucous forming foods from our diet keeping our
digestive track active. The reduction of irritating substances, dead cells, excess
mucus and other entrapped foreign material will allow the body to absorb more of
the nutrients enhancing the energy levels which can be utilized to heal the body.

Eliminating the life robbing toxins and adding nutrients that expands the body's
natural regenerative abilities is the reason that many people have started a juice
fasting. The regenerative effect that it gives help healing illnesses such as cancer,
leukemia, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, skin infections and liver
disorders. The time period of juice fast can vary from three to forty days. Most of
the well-known therapies being used around the world use a thirty days juice fasting
schedule. You can find it difficult during the start but will surely get in the grind so try
it and lead a healthier lifestyle.

About The Author

Samantha Dillard

Want to easily and safely restore your health by juice fasting?
Natural healing is highly recommended and preferred by many in today's fast food
world. If you wonder how you will be able to remove toxins from your body look no
is a great way to cleanse your body. By juice fasting you are
able to lose weight, improve digestion, enhance your immune system, and activate
your life.    Learn how to juice fast and gain access to the book 'How Fasting
Changed My Life' by visiting
Theoretically speaking, juices have
necessary nutrients, vitamins, and
minerals that are required for
detoxifying our body. Juice fasting
process is counted as an extreme
way of detoxification and is done for
about one to three days in a stretch.
Also the amount of juice you take will
decide the intensity of cleansing.
Taking a small amount of juice will
give lesser calories and expand the
detoxification. Other than detoxifying
body, this method is also very
popular for losing weight or natural
healing of our body.
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