Juicing and Cancer
by Mark Snare
set in if your cells are trying to work in poor conditions for too long, for optimum
health you need to be nourished at a cellular level and do all you can to help keep
your cells happy and running as they should. Anti-oxidants are a part of this as they
neutralize the harmful free radicals that are generated in normal body functions and
by other influences such as pollution. Free radicals are always on the attack so your
cells need a constant supply of anti-oxidants to neutralize them.

Nature supplies us with the greatest health aids available in the form of fresh,
organically grown fruit and vegetables, taken raw, juiced and blended. This is the best
way to maintain nutrient quality AND make the goodness easy for our body to
access and utilize. Time elapsed after picking, cooking and processing ALL negatively
affect the nutritional content of your fruit and veg. Buy local, organic produce and
ingest it raw, it's one of the best preventative medicines out there.

Here's what we reckon to be in good cellular health or you could say anti cancer

a) Drink plenty of anti-oxidant rich juices and smoothies, this means good amounts
of mainly veggie juice. For maximum retention of the fragile nutrients juices must be
from a
or a twin gear juicer.

b) Supplement 1000Mg of Vitamin C per decade you've been alive (you really have
to supplement this as 1000Mg is about 33 oranges worth, too much even for us to
juice!) Supplement a quality multivitamin and mineral tablet too.

c) Maintain a good level of physical exercise and general activity, breath deeply as
this stimulates lymph system. Ever notice how you instantly feel better after
returning to the gym after a break?

d) Keep your diet alkaline, read our article about this I supplement my juices with a
greens complex too.

e) keep well hydrated with filtered or bottled water.

If you do have a toxin heavy weekend, give your body a helping hand to neutralize
the damage with a good dose of Vitamin C and go heavy on the juicer too! Your
body doesn't suddenly get ill, it will fight and fight given the right tools and often win.
Disease only sets in when your natural defenses are overwhelmed after a long battle.

Gerson therapy often achieves very good results juicing for cancer sufferers as poor
diet and nutritionally void food is a major cause of cellular diseases as they supply no
anti-oxidant power. Gerson therapy patients undergo a regime of as many of 12
organic, cold pressed juices a day. As well as highly alkaline this treatment gives the
body what it needs to strengthen and fight back as well as cleanse. Your body needs
these building blocks of natural nutrition to build, maintain itself and fight disease
effectively. It is critical for Gerson Therapy patients to use a slow turning juicer like an
auger juicer and organic produce, the last thing your body needs is more work to do
like booting out pesticide residue.

Fight the good fight on a daily basis! our cells are continually attacked by free radicals
therefore need to be continually supported by good nutrition, plenty of water and
regular exercise. Regular physical activity blows away the cobwebs by activating your
lymph system, lymph is the fluid that carries away toxins. If you are ill and seeking
help we can put you in touch with your nearest Gerson therapist and supply all the
equipment you need to adopt a life changing diet.

Wheatgrass juice is a potent green juice too, heavily alkaline and very cleansing it's
so powerful as a detoxifier it often causes pretty instant detox headaches or nausea
when first taken. There are hundreds of stories and testimonials as to the power of
wheatgrass, with good reason too, the juice is high in chlorophyll, offers pretty much
every mineral and vitamin out there AND tastes pretty good too.

Prevention is so much better than the cure, make changes today that will positively
affect all of your tomorrows and you are well on the way to a healthy life.

About The Author

Mark Snare owns Juice Producer, a shop and online recourse dedicated to improving
health through natural foods.  For more information on using
to boost your
natural nutrition levels visit
We get to know a good few people
along the way, one harrowing thing is
when we hear from recently
diagnosed cancer victims told to start
juicing by their health adviser. Cancer
is a cellular disease, your body is
made up of millions of tiny cells of
different types. Each cell is like an
individual little factory with an affinity
to the whole, it does it's job and gets
on with keeping you going as a
human being. Like factories your cells
produce waste products and need to
be kept running clean and efficiently.

Cellular disease such as cancer can
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