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    Juicing For Weight Loss

    Juicing For Weight Loss

    Healthy living is a lifetime commitment, a commitment made easier with juicing for weight loss andjuicing for health. That’s the reason why fad diets may come and go. Juicing machines make weight loss juicing at home a reality, and our heavily researched juicing provides useful information on weight loss and dieting for juice lovers. You will lose weight juicing if you consume any type of juices from Green Star juicers and wheatgrass juicers to Champion commercial juicers andother fruit and vegetable juicers, and above all you will find the healthy food products and the knowledge that get you in a good shape too.

    Replacing some meals with fresh juice helps you eliminate fat and cholesterol from your diet if you notice that most vegetables and fruits are fat-free and low in calories.

    ● Juices are high in carbs, if you are watching your carbs, stick to green vegetables, berries and melons.

    ● Fresh juices can help to reduce feelings of hunger or cravings – a big help when on a weight loss diet, by quenching your appetite.

    ● Some of them are appetite stimulants like coriander and basil.

    ● Fresh carrot or parsley juices are especially effective in curbing appetite and cravings by helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

    ● Some others are natural diuretics and can help eliminate water retention (asparagus, cucumber, leek, cranberry, celery and watermelon juices).

    ● Do not throw away the pulp after preparing a juice! When you juice your fruits and vegetables you are removing the beneficial fiber from them. Put that fiber back into your diet by using your leftover pulp in soups and healthy baked goods, or stir a little of the pulp back into the juice before drinking it.

    You can always experiment to find tasty recipes, but here are some to get you started.

    Papaya Passion

    -1 medium Papaya

    -1 red delicious apple

    -5 dates (pitted)

    Blend everything and prepare for something out of this world!

    Strawberry Delight

    -4-8 strawberries

    -1-2 Bananas

    -8-10 dates

    Mango Magic

    -1-2 ripe mangos (peeled)

    -8 dates (pitted)

    -Juice of one orange

    *Durian Deck*

    -24 oz of durian

    -1/2 orange

    -Blend both

    My Milkshake

    tastes much better than yours…!

    -2 cups of Durian

    -8 dates

    -2 bananas

    -1 tsp of Carob powder

    If you are not sure about these recipes you can experiment everything that includes vegetable or juice or even both juices. Let your imagination free and put your senses into action. All you have to do is have some fruits and vegetables, a juicing machine and you can fly through the magic world of a healthy life created by juices.

    Juicing to lose weight is healthy for the body and this will get you in a good shape too. Juicing and following a diet will help you lose weight instantly, this is a renowned weight lose program and is admitted by most of the dieters.

    Juicing you will say hello to health and happiness!!!

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