Kefir - Age Old Secret Rediscovered!
by Tyler S. Green
possession wasn't easy.

Kefir gained popularity in Russia during the 1800s because of its health benefits.
News of its capability to cure tuberculosis and other respiratory and digestive
problems spread to the neighboring countries. Unfortunately, during that time,
obtaining the grains were very difficult and there were no quick means to reproduce
as there was no main source where people could easily get the supply.

Centuries after, our generation has rediscovered the health benefits of kefir.
Scientists have also found means to help us obtain it. Fortunately for us, we can get
our kefir supply from the nearest health store. We can also get it in two forms: grain
and starter. If you want to be old-school about your kefir, it is highly recommended
for you to use grains. However, if you want the faster and modernized way, go with
the kefir starter. The grains usually take longer to culture-around three days max.
The starter usually takes half the time and ferments faster during the summer.

If you want to save money, it is better for you to obtain kefir grains. They usually
last a lifetime. If you care for the grains and store them properly, they will continue
multiplying and you'll have a lifetime supply. If you still want the instant method, the
starter is the way for you to go. The kefir starter usually lasts for seven to eight
generations and gradually decrease as you continue to use it.

Whether you're using a kefir starter or the traditional kefir grains, the steps to
making the perfect kefir drink are as follows: pour the milk into a jar, mix the milk
with the starter or the grains, leave to culture, and pour. It's as easy as that. During
this process, you have to take good care of your mixture. Keep it in a jar, leave
some space for air to enter the mixture and stir up the reproduction of good bacteria
and beneficial yeasts. Most importantly, don't leave it in direct sunlight. Just let your
mixture ferment and do its magic.

If you're tired of the traditional milk kefir, you may also use water kefir. Water kefir is
basically sugary water or juice mixed with kefir grains or kefir starter. The process is
the same and it is equally healthy. Also, if you're lactose intolerant, this is the best
way for you to discover and enjoy kefir.

If you are a mother looking for a way to keep your children away from sodas and
other sweetened drinks, you may use water kefir. Since carbonization is also part of
processing water kefir, the drink becomes somewhat fizzy and carbonated. Instead
of drinking soda, you get a tasty and refreshing drink with hundreds of health
benefits. If you are a tea-addict, water kefir is also the best alternative for you. It's
also natural and it provides a new treat for your tastebuds.

Kefir is known to be a natural energy-booster. So whether you choose milk kefir or
water kefir, they are the perfect substitute for coffee and all those energy drinks with
unbelievably high sugar content. They're not only refreshing, they also provide your
body with the necessary vitamins such as Vitamin B and phosphorous to keep you
going. Kefir keeps your body in its optimum performance while cutting maintenance
costs. Not only that, there is no known side-effect for this miracle drink. So as long
as you want, you may drink your kefir and stay healthy.

If this still doesn't win you over, let me tell you about the numerous health benefits
of kefir. From head to foot, this product will surely keep your body in great shape.
The most familiar kefir health benefits would be the ones related to the digestive
system. Because of its probiotics, you are ensured that your body's digestion
processes are maintained regularly. If you're having tummy troubles, incorporating
kefir into your diet will surely restore your system leaving you with regular bowel

If you want to breathe easy, the miracle grains also aid in treating tuberculosis and
helps prevent asthma. It also prevents fat from clogging your arteries, therefore
preventing heart diseases. And if you're still not convinced, hear this! Your daily dose
of kefir helps in preventing acne and allergies. Being a natural antioxidant, kefir
detoxifies your whole body and prevents your skin from aging.

To those who are concerned with brain-health, this kefir health benefit is for you.
Kefir is a natural brain-booster and helps in maintaining your brain's natural functions
like memory and attention-retention. It is also a stress-buster and prevents
depression so you won't need to buy your expensive happy pills.

With its numerous benefits, it's a wonder why people still haven't tried kefir. To those
who want to be at peace with their minds and bodies, take this chance to achieve
this through introducing kefir in your diet. With this, you are assured of well-being and
even a fatter wallet.

About The Author

Tyler S. Green

If you haven't tried Kefir, then you're missing out on some really delicious and
healthy stuff. Find out more about
here. For all kefir related facts, information,
tips and more visit
The miracle grain originating from the
Caucasus region was said to have
been given by Mohammed to his
people as a gift. Kefir, as it was
called, was also believed to be a sign
of wealth. People guarded their
incredible grains with their lives
because it was rumored that if these
miraculous grains were given away,
their "power" would weaken.
However, the secret of using the
grains spread like wildfire and became
shared knowledge. Because the kefir
grains were considered as tribal
wealth, they were inherited from
generation to generation and
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