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    Kefir Grains – Helping With Digestive Diseases

    Probiotics such as water kefir are very beneficial in balancing your digestive system and have a few different ways of doing this. There are a variety of bacteria and microorganism in the digestive tract, and 400 species of intestinal flora, 30 or 40 of which are 99% of the bacteria found in humans. There are “good” (friendly), “neutral”, and “bad”, pathogenic bacteria lining the intestinal tract. In a healthy body 80% of the bacteria are “good”and/or neutral, and 20% are “bad”, or pathogenic.

    Drinking water kefir cleans out the digestive tract and fights off a number of infections that can occur as a result of a poor diet and stress, which weakens the immune system and leaves you open to not only airborne and communicable pathogens, but also digestive diseases caused by the inability of the body to break down foods and dispose of waste, reducing the likelihood of intestinal blockage that can cause them..

    A poor diet consisting of saturated fats, processed sugars, and little exercise, as well as a number of meats that are difficult to digest can result in blockage of the intestines, resulting in a number of digestive diseases or even various cancers which could be prevented by eating a balanced diet high in fiber, whole grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables, taking exercise as well as adding probiotics to your diet.

    Kefir, which was discovered by tribes in the Caucasus mountains and is Turkish for “feel good”, restores the balance in your natural ecosystem by working with the “good” bacteria which is already present in your intestinal tract, breaking down foods which are ordinarily difficult to digest with powerful enzymes. It also contains anti-tumor properties and though it is not a cure-all for digestive diseases, which in the advanced stages may require surgery and/or doses of strong medicines, it can help with them and, if taken early enough can prevent them from occurring in the first place.

    What probiotics do is support digestion by breaking food down into their component parts and work with the body’s natural bacteria for complete absorption into the body. They also act to crowd out pathogenic bacteria that can build up due to stress and other factors, resulting in constipation, diarrhea, IBS, ulcerative colitis, colonic cancer and other negative intestinal disorders brought on at times by stress, a poor diet, and high doses of anti-biotics which can kill off both good AND bad bacteria in the digestive tract. In an imbalanced state the intestinal walls cannot be rebuilt as they do naturally in 3 to 5 days, and set the stage for these harmful bacteria to build up and wreak havoc on the digestive system.

    When probiotics are assisted in balancing your digestive system by crowding out the pathogenic bacteria and preventing infection, then bacteria fermentation of dietary fiber and short-chain fatty acids can occur, which is essential for the production of new cells to regenerate the intestinal tract itself. Kefir grains can facilitate this balance, as well as other probiotics and a healthy diet of plenty of whole grains, fruit, vegetables and fiber, as well as plenty of water and regular exercise, all of which is common sense and much-touted by all health professionals, minus the recent emergence of probiotics as an assist to a overall healthy lifestyle and improved digestive system.

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