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    Lemon Water – What Are the Benefits

    By drinking Lemon Water which is just freshly squeezed lemon juice added to warm water,it has many benefits which has a positive effect on your body. Drinking lemon Water helps balance out the ph levels in your body,helps remove harmful toxins from your body,relieves bloating and gas,helps with your digestion and many more.

    If you are looking for a way to detox your body and remove toxins which have built up in your body over time drinking Lemon Water is a cheap and easy option for you to try.For our bodies to stay healthy we need our body to be balanced and not too acidic which can cause a lot of other health problems.If our bodies are too acidic we don’t absorb the vitamins and minerals that we consume daily which can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

    Lemon Water is best to be taken as soon as you wake up as this will help your body through the detoxification process.The Lemon Water will also help cleanse your liver and kidneys so they can help remove the toxins from your body.When making this drink for best results only use organic lemons free from chemicals and pesticides and filtered water.

    Lemon water also has been known to help make your skin and hair look and feel more healthier,lemons are also an antiseptic and has minerals such as magnesium,potassium and calcium.Drinking Lemon Water may also help if you have allergies and strengthen your immune system as it is high in vitamin C.As you can see by drinking Lemon Water daily it can help you stay healthy by removing toxins,help your immune system to stay strong and balance out your ph levels.

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