Liquid Zeolite and the Fight Against Radiation
by Mark Malinsky
People in such a risk should also consider the importance of Clinoptilolite Zeolite. In
previous nuclear disasters, Zeolite was used for its natural detoxifying properties, as
well as for its potential for human detoxification.

There are long term and larger concerns which need to be addressed after getting
exposed to radiation. Radioactive elements such as Plutonium, Uranium, Strontium
and Cesium should also be closely watched. Radioactive iodine-131 can disintegrate
in the body (after causing damage) but heavy metals are absorbed by tissues and fat
cells and eventually damages DNA. This is what is referred to as bio-accumulation,
heavy metals just linger in the body and accumulate.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite was used in response to the nuclear disasters at Three Mile Island
and Chernobyl for cleaning up both water and land. To absorb the radioactive heavy
metals, half a million tons of this substance were dropped into the reactor. Zeolite
was fed to cattle to prevent the radioactive ions from contaminating the milk. The
substance was also used to treat the contaminated soil and help return it to almost
zero levels of Strontium or Cesium. When there was a partial meltdown at the
nuclear power plant at Three Mile Island, Zeolite was used to purify the surrounding
water. That is what is so unique about Zeolite - its ability to soak up toxins and
heavy metals from anything it comes in contact with. Once trapped inside the cage,
its essentially trapped forever.

There is enough documentation that supports the effective and safe use of Zeolite
for human intake, in particular detoxification. Liquid Zeolite is found to be very useful
for human consumption for the purpose of detoxification. You would want a
substance that is still in its most natural form which Zeolites are. A lot of health
experts agree that illnesses are usually caused by a build up of toxins in the body.
Unfortunately, the exposure to chemicals has become quite common these days.
That is why there is such a need for detoxification in the daily routine with liquid

About The Author

Mark Malinksy is an expert in several fields of health and wellbeing. Years of research,
writing, and commerce in this field has turned this hobby into a lifestyle. He is
fascinated with alternative means of prevention and treatment of the most troubling
diseases. Although, a cure cannot be claimed and in most cases very rare - a lot can
be said for the minimizing the severity of many associated symptoms. Detox,
oxygenation and nutrition are Marks favorite subjects.  Visit
as a
resource for
and other zeolite related products.
We all share the same air in this
universe and we are separated from
our neighbors with no walls or forms
of protection. The downside is that
the control over the chemicals being
spread into the environment is quite
limited; and thus exposure is almost
a certainty. All we can do is one,
avoidance and secondarily, begin to
counter the effects through full body
detoxification and other protective
measures.  For those residents near
the Fukushima nuclear power plant,
potassium iodide was provided and
recommended as an important part
of supplementation and diet.
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